Girls’ soccer team victorious in tight semi-final game, moves onto finals


Courtesy Sean Bevan

The girls’ varsity soccer team beat Wellesley 2-1 in overtime during the Division 1 semifinals game on Nov. 16. The finals game against Hingham will take place at Walpole High School at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19. 

Amelia Sinclair, News Editor

The girls’ varsity soccer team won a tight semifinals game in overtime against Wellesley on Wednesday night.

The final score was 2-1 with the winning goal being scored in overtime. The match took place in Walpole, where the team will play their upcoming Division 1 finals game against Hingham on Saturday. The team, led by senior captains Mia Lochhead and Sadie Candela, entered the game with a record of 15-1-6.

Lochhead recounted entering the game optimistically as the team prepared themselves for a challenging match.

“I felt really confident going into last night’s game,” Lochhead said. “The energy was really good for the entire team, we were really positive, we were really hyped up and I think we really carried that energy onto the field as best we could.”

The team entered into the second half, down by one with the score at 0-1. Lochhead believes the second half was when the power in the game shifted. Junior Keira Megan scored a goal, tying up the game.

“Once we were able to settle down in the second half it was really helpful, but I think the real turning point was Keira Megan’s goal,” Lochhead said. “Because [after that] the other team just completely flattened out their play and we took that and we ran with that.”

In addition to Megan’s goal, head coach John Frederick noted goalie, senior Keely Scott as making an impressive save which increased the team’s morale as the game continued. The game went into overtime with the score at 1-1, and senior Gabby Miranda was able to score the game-winning goal.

¨[Winning] was the best feeling. I’m winning with my best friends and teammates,” Miranda said.

Miranda accredits the win to the team’s trusting nature as well as the support of their coach.

“Knowing that our coach believed in us and that we believed in each other [is the biggest reason we’ve made it to the finals].” Miranda said. “This team loves each other so much and that was such a motivation.”

Lochhead is especially looking forward to the finals game as this is the farthest she’s ever gone with an Algonquin soccer team, as well as the farthest anyone currently in the program has gone.

“This team is so special and it’s an amazing opportunity for everyone to be a part of it. We’re all super excited and looking forward to this final game,” Lochhead said.

Frederick urges the ARHS community to come support the team as they pursue the Division 1 state champion title. The game will take place at Walpole High School at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19. 

“I would love to invite the entire student body to come out and support us,” Frederick said.