• June 17Both the boys' and girls' tennis teams will compete in States on June 20 at Saint John's High School.

  • June 14Assistant principal Michele Tontodanato will be leaving her position on Friday June 21.


EDITORIAL: Listen up, a vote is a voice

November 4, 2016

Filed under Editorial, Opinion, Politics

The 2016 election is here; it is unavoidable and it is crucial that teachers and students alike follow the campaign. Speaking directly to our subscribers over eighteen years old, we strongly encourage you to use your constitutional...

EDITORIAL: It’s time to cut the cord

June 22, 2016

Filed under Editorial, Opinion, Showcase

Growing up is tough; everyone can benefit from a protector of some sort to keep them in line prior to adulthood. Whether it be a parent or legal guardian, those of us who have a watchful eye in our lives should remember how l...

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