EDITORIAL: Let go of the Tomahawk, embrace the future mascot


Olivia Kardos

As a community, we need to move forward together instead of clinging to the unchangable past.

Seven months have passed since the Regional School Committee (RSC) voted to retire the Tomahawk—a final, irreversible decision. Yet to this day, some community members still cling on to the Tomahawk, either by criticizing the RSC’s decision or pushing for the Tomahawk’s reinstatement.

It’s certainly understandable why people in our community still feel connected to the mascot; after all, the Tomahawk was Algonquin’s mascot for more than 60 years. To the decades of classes that have come and gone during this time, the symbol represents a long and complex school history full of triumphs and school spirit.

It’s time to move on from the previous mascot and approach the process of determining a new one with an open mind.

Nonetheless, the RSC’s decision in April—based on extensive research about the Tomahawk’s impact on Native American communities—is irreversible. Thus, the ongoing debates about this decision are extremely counterproductive. It’s time to move on from the previous mascot and approach the process of determining a new one with an open mind.

Since the summer of 2021, the Mascot Renaming Study Group has worked tirelessly to select a new mascot—one that will represent the ARHS community and school spirit for decades to come. In less than half a year, the Study Group has narrowed their list down to five mascot options, using a comprehensive process where no stone is left unturned.

The Renaming Study Group is moving their agenda along quickly and carefully. Our advice to you, our classmates and community members: trust the process and embrace the outcome.

After two long years and counting of COVID-19, our community is in desperate need of a fresh start. With the Tomahawk officially retired, the mascot renaming process offers us just that. Let’s come together as a community of current students, alumni and community members. Let’s honor the past but move forward together into the future. Let’s infuse the new mascot with the spirit of our community and use it to further unify us in whatever we may face together.

This unsigned editorial reflects the views of the Harbinger Editorial Board.