Barrett likely to bring conservative agenda to Supreme Court

Confirmed on Oct. 26, the newest addition to the Supreme Court Amy Coney Barrett will likely push for conservative policies.
Brady Quinlan, Staff Writer January 5, 2021

President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed on Oct. 26 to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg following a unanimous vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee....

Trump administration’s environmental “win” is actually a big problem

Assistant Opinion Editor Marin Klein writes that taking grey wolves off the endangered species list will bring them to the brink of extinction.
Marin Klein, Assistant Opinion Editor December 20, 2020

Deep in Montana and Wyoming, you can hear the chilling, yet beautiful howl of the grey wolves. These majestic creatures are once again roaming the United States after 50 years of conservation efforts. The...

EDITORIAL: Get creative, intentional with gifting during holiday season

During this holiday season, support local businesses and show your loved ones you really care by selecting personal and meaningful gifts.
December 18, 2020

During the holiday season, many people feel obligated to get their loved ones gifts, but is buying something just to check that person off your list really showing them your love and appreciation? Intentionally...

Tomahawk debate resurfaces: Honorable symbol or cultural appropriation?

After recently resurfaced debate on the Algonquin mascot, Editor-in-Chief Aaliyah Yan and Senior Michel Shaker argue that with changing times, the mascot must removed.
Aaliyah Yan, Michel Shaker December 17, 2020

With the re-emergence of the mascot debate, clashing opinions have sparked a heated conversation throughout the school. This discussion, however, is by no means new. The past few decades saw the rise...

Student nonprofits: Volunteer work or resume boosters?

Opinion Editor Brianna Tang writes that volunteering with existing organizations is a much better way to make an impact on communities than starting nonprofits.
Brianna Tang, Opinion Editor December 15, 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, I have noticed a surge of student nonprofits requesting to follow me on Instagram. There have been many COVID-related nonprofits such as providing homemade masks, delivering...

Gen Z: A dating culture that’s actually dateless

Assistant Opinion Editor Marin Klein writes that technology has made it difficult to have authentic relationships in Generation Z.
Marin Klein, Assistant Opinion Editor November 10, 2020

“Hey” “Hey!” “What’s up?” “Nothing much, hbu?” Everyone knows how this conversation goes. That moment when you get a notification and that one person’s name shows up on...

Dress codes create insecurities, negative school environments

Assistant Opinion Editor Jula Utzschneider writes that students should be able to wear what they chose as dress codes can make students feel insecure in their own bodies.
Jula Utzschneider, Assistant Opinion Editor November 4, 2020

Skirts must be below your fingertips; low-cut shirts are unacceptable; tank-top straps must be a specific width; leggings are not pants—these are some examples of school dress code rules throughout the...

EDITORIAL: Your voice, your vote, your future

Nov. 3, Election Day, is the last day to cast your ballot to uphold democracy and voice your opinion.
November 2, 2020

Four years ago, Americans experienced one of the most controversial elections in our country’s history. Some celebrated the outcome, while others dreaded the results. Yet here we are again, approaching...

Professional athletes use their power to influence fans’ political opinions

National Women’s Soccer League star Megan Rapinoe posted a picture with her
Jenny Lambert, Sports Editor October 29, 2020

With the 2020 presidential election right around the corner, several professional athletes such as former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and National Women’s Soccer League star Megan...

America has a party problem

Staff Writer Jared Lipkin writes that every American has a role to play in the limiting of hyper-partisanship in the country.
Jared Lipkin, Staff Writer October 26, 2020

As George Washington left the presidency in 1796, he published a farewell address to the nation. In that document, our first president pleaded the country to focus on a goal of national unity and strongly...

Covid cases require more transparency, communication

Opinion Editor Brianna Tang writes that school guidelines need to change to more effectively control COVID-19 in the Algonquin community.
Brianna Tang, Opinion Editor October 21, 2020

As of this Sunday, Oct. 18, Massachusetts has surpassed 140,000 coronavirus cases with 744 new cases and 14 more deaths, making it one of the highest days since spring. Southborough, among 63 communities...

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