The official student news site of Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough, MA


The official student news site of Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough, MA


The official student news site of Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough, MA


Recruitment manager Lila Shields writes how Generation Zs sensitivity is a strength.

Is Gen Z overly sensitive?

Lila Shields, Recruitment Manager May 26, 2023

Modern society has shifted dramatically in comparison to previous generations due to abrupt advances in technology, surfacing social issues and a global pandemic. Mental health stigmas are being abolished...

According to Recruitment Manager Lila Shields, a flex period would increase student productivity and decrease stress levels.

All schools deserve a flex block, for the better of the people

Lila Shields, Recruitment Manager May 23, 2023

Students' academic rigor and extracurricular activities increase as they go through high school, leaving youth burnt out and unmotivated. A flex block built into the school day is essential to assure students...

Assistant Opinion Editor Cass Melo writes how comfortable environments can improve students mood, energy levels and productivity.

Quality learning environments are key to academic success

Cass Melo, Assistant Opinion Editor May 16, 2023

Active learning and comfort go hand-in-hand, especially in schools, so Algonquin must continue to invest in creating a comfortable, inclusive setting through sustainable improvements to lighting and furniture. Productive...

Opinion Editor Jeffrey Dratch writes that greenwashing, the act of making false or misleading statements about the environmental benefits of a product or practice, harms consumers and the environment.

Greenwashing creates false illusions of being environmentally friendly

Jeffrey Dratch, Opinion Editor April 24, 2023

Climate change is seen by many as one of the world's most important and pressing problems. Therefore, many companies release products or make policies that seem to help combat this problem and not impact...

Assistant Opinion Editor Lila Shields writes that appearance should not play a large factor in the hiring process.

Professionalism doesn’t have a ‘look’

Lila Shields, Assistant Opinion Editor April 5, 2023

Walking into job interviews is stressful enough on its own, but the anxiety level only increases when one’s appearance doesn't align with what is considered to be "professional." The visual expectations...

EDITORIAL: Work together to make Algonquin better

EDITORIAL: Work together to make Algonquin better

April 4, 2023

Whether it be issues with WiFi connectivity that impede lesson plans, recycling programs that leave students and teachers confused about how to best dispose of waste or athletic facilities that are unsafe...

Opinion Editor Jeffrey Dratch writes that laziness is a manmade concept used to force people to continuously work.

Laziness doesn’t exist

Jeffrey Dratch, Opinion Editor March 22, 2023

Laziness is a social construct. This idea would probably make most readers think I’m crazy, however there is a growing movement of people coming to terms with the fact that laziness doesn’t exactly...

Assistant Opinion Editor Arielle Chin writes that it is important for students to be less critical of themselves.

Silence your inner critic

Arielle Chin, Assistant Opinion Editor March 13, 2023

We all have our own inner critic whether we realize it or not. It’s the looming voice in our head that enjoys polluting our mind with negative ideas. As high schoolers, many of us have experienced the...

Business Manager Luke Utzschneider writes that the fast fashion industrys rapid growth harms people and the environment.

Fast fashion’s rapid growth is deadly

Luke Utzschneider, Business Manager March 9, 2023

With the rise in popularity of online brands like Shein and Romwe, fast fashion has taken the fashion industry by storm and transformed the nature of purchasing clothes. The business model of rapid cloth...

Staff Writer Lili Torres writes that coyotes should not be killed to control the population, but rather humans should adapt to learn to live besides them.

Killing coyotes does not solve the population problem

Lili Torres, Staff Writer March 6, 2023

Coyotes have been called a nuisance for a while now. They have lived alongside humans since the 1950s, and now we’re seeing more coyotes than ever. Almost every town in Massachusetts has coyotes living...

Staff Writer Jasmine Yee writes that the arts are just as important as sports and should not be neglected.

Sports should not be prioritized over art

Jasmine Yee, Staff Writer February 27, 2023

At the homecoming game, students were packed like sardines in the stands dressed head to toe in Algonquin pride, yet when our school hosted its art show a few months before, there were only a few students...

Opinion Editor Jeffrey Dratch writes that the tardy policies are unfair because they dont consider external factors that can cause a student to be late for class.

Tardy policies create unfair expectations for students

Jeffrey Dratch, Opinion Editor February 16, 2023

Algonquin began implementing various new attendance policies, especially surrounding tardies, in the fall of 2021. While a policy hoping to decrease tardiness sounds like a great idea in theory, it is...

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The official student news site of Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough, MA