• November 13Students attending Massachusetts schools are required to receive the flu vaccine by Dec. 31.
  • November 13Term 1 will end on Nov. 13.
  • November 7Joe Biden will become the 46th U.S. president


Gen Z: A dating culture that’s actually dateless

Assistant Opinion Editor Marin Klein writes that technology has made it difficult to have authentic relationships in Generation Z.
Marin Klein, Assistant Opinion Editor November 10, 2020

“Hey” “Hey!” “What’s up?” “Nothing much, hbu?” Everyone knows how this conversation goes. That moment when you get a notification and that one person’s name shows up on...

Dress codes create insecurities, negative school environments

Assistant Opinion Editor Jula Utzschneider writes that students should be able to wear what they chose as dress codes can make students feel insecure in their own bodies.
Jula Utzschneider, Assistant Opinion Editor November 4, 2020

Skirts must be below your fingertips; low-cut shirts are unacceptable; tank-top straps must be a specific width; leggings are not pants—these are some examples of school dress code rules throughout the...

Your voice, your vote, your future

Nov. 3, Election Day, is the last day to cast your ballot to uphold democracy and voice your opinion.
November 2, 2020

Four years ago, Americans experienced one of the most controversial elections in our country’s history. Some celebrated the outcome, while others dreaded the results. Yet here we are again, approaching...

Professional athletes use their power to influence fans’ political opinions

National Women’s Soccer League star Megan Rapinoe posted a picture with her
Jenny Lambert, Sports Editor October 29, 2020

With the 2020 presidential election right around the corner, several professional athletes such as former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and National Women’s Soccer League star Megan...

America has a party problem

Staff Writer Jared Lipkin writes that every American has a role to play in the limiting of hyper-partisanship in the country.
Jared Lipkin, Staff Writer October 26, 2020

As George Washington left the presidency in 1796, he published a farewell address to the nation. In that document, our first president pleaded the country to focus on a goal of national unity and strongly...

Covid cases require more transparency, communication

Opinion Editor Brianna Tang writes that school guidelines need to change to more effectively control COVID-19 in the Algonquin community.
Brianna Tang, Opinion Editor October 21, 2020

As of this Sunday, Oct. 18, Massachusetts has surpassed 140,000 coronavirus cases with 744 new cases and 14 more deaths, making it one of the highest days since spring. Southborough, among 63 communities...

Tomahawk chant appropriates culture, must be changed

Opinion Editor Brianna Tang writes that the current school chant needs to be changed as it appropriates Indigenous languages.
Brianna Tang, Opinion Editor October 13, 2020

I still remember being at Freshman Orientation, feeling uncomfortable and shocked, the first time I heard the Algonquin student body participate in the school chant, which imitates Native American chants....

EDITORIAL: We are in this together

The Harbinger Editorial board (The Harby Bunch) welcomes you back for the 2020-2021 school year!
October 7, 2020

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! For many of us, the past few months have been the worst of our lives, but with school comes a sense of normalcy that will hopefully guide us through the chaos of our...

Students should take advantage of remote learning

Staff Writer Erik Lin writes that through uncertain times, remote learning is great way to be kept engaged.
Erik Lin, Staff Writer June 16, 2020

As students, we never expected to spend the second half of the 2019-2020 school year learning from our own homes. Spring athletes were looking forward to their sports seasons, seniors were waiting to celebrate...

Elementary and high school start times need to be swapped

Staff Writer Henry Zhang writes that the proposed alternative schedule is a step in the right direction but not enough for sleep deprived students.
Henry Zhang, Staff Writer June 16, 2020

It sure would be nice to start every school day at 12. As an unforeseen effect of the coronavirus pandemic, Algonquin students get to finally enjoy restful nights. But good things never last. When fall...

EDITORIAL: Acknowledge the present, appreciate the past

In these unprecedented times it is important to remember better times and focus on the positives.
June 11, 2020

Dear Algonquin,  At the start of school, no one expected the year to end this way. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, seniors lost graduation, juniors lost prom, athletes lost seasons and musicians lost...

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