Q&A: With an undefeated regular season, girls’ soccer has eye on State Championship


Katy O'Connell

Senior Keely Scott runs onto the field as she is announced as the starting goalie on Oct. 29.

Ellie O’Connor, Assistant News Editor

Led by senior captains Mia Lochhead and Sadie Candela, the girls’ soccer team ended the regular season with a 12-0-6 record and advanced through the State Tournament with a 10-1 win against Durfee on Nov. 7 and a 1-0 win over Framingham on Nov. 10. The No. 4 Titans defeated No. 5 Newton South 3-0 on Nov. 12 during the State Quarterfinals. They will play No. 9 Wellesley in the Div. I State Semifinals on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at Walpole High School.

Lochhead attributes this season’s success to the team’s bond and unique strategies they have developed. 

What’s coming up for the team and how are you feeling about the postseason prospects?

“As for the state championship, we are just trying to continue to move up the ladder because our ultimate goal is to win States, and we’re feeling really good about it.”

What led to the team’s victory against Newton South at the State Quarterfinals last Saturday?

“Before the game, everyone was really nervous because last year, [the Quarterfinals] was the game we got knocked out of. I could definitely tell that tensions were high, but we were able to step out onto the field anyways and have a positive mindset. We were really playing the game in the first half. The other team had the wind on their side, so Coach Frederick was adamant that if we were able to hold them off for the first half, then the goals would come and things would go in our favor. And by the second half we were able to get some goals in the back of the net. As for strategy, it typically depends on how the [opponent] plays. Newton South typically possesses the ball a lot, so we adjusted our playing style. The same goes for if a team plays more wide or narrow, that will change how we play. In that last game, we won 3-0, but it wasn’t just one person’s goal that defined the win. We all worked together to secure the win, so it was really a group effort.”

How is the team preparing for the upcoming State Semifinals against Wellesley High School?

“For us, it’s really about staying positive. We’re still practicing and preparing, but we’re also at the point in the season where mentally preparing is the big thing, since we’re in the playoffs. At practice, we are focusing on the structure that Wellesley plays, so that we can make sure we know how to defend and attack.”

How does the team feel about the State Semifinals on Wednesday? 

“We’re excited, and we’re super hyped up. In the C-Mass Finals, we were sad to lose against Grafton. But, the loss was a reminder to the team that we’re not done, and we hopefully have [State] finals to look forward to. We’re all really confident that we’re going to make it this year.”

What has led to your team having a strong season thus far?

“This year, we’ve changed our style of playing. We transitioned to a more direct game. Instead of moving [the ball] up the field and everybody trying to get it all at once, we have started to connect all parts of the field and work together. By playing more side-to-side, it’s helping us move the ball up the field easier.”

What is your team dynamic like?

“The dynamic is really good. It’s a bigger team than we’re used to, but everyone is just so close and so supportive of one another. We have a very positive environment this year.”

What players have especially stepped up this season and how?

“I think everyone on the team has a different role. Maybe you’re a starter, or maybe your time is going to come next year, but everyone is just there for each other no matter what. Everyone is stepping up at practice and being a present part of the team. I feel like rather than just one person standing out, it has been the whole team putting their best foot forward.”