Frederick uses wealth of experience as girls’ varsity soccer coach


Colin Kearney

Girls’ soccer coach John Frederick gives a speech to the team inside a pre-game huddle before the state tournament game against Durfee on Nov. 7, 2022. The Titans won 10-1.

Natalo Maggiolino, Staff Writer

Algonquin Hall of Fame soccer player and coach John Frederick has returned to the ARHS sports scene as the girls’ varsity soccer head coach.

Frederick, an English teacher at ARHS since 1999, has years of experience as a player and as a championship-winning coach of the ARHS boys’ varsity soccer team (with a brief stint as the girls’ junior varsity coach last season), as well as being a former member of the New England Revolution Development Academy staff. Frederick hopes his experiences help the team achieve a memorable season as the fourth-ranked Titans advance to the State Tournament Round of 16 tonight against Framingham after a 10-1 win against Durfee High School on Nov. 7. 

“In the end, I hope, regardless of wins and loses and how far we go, whenever it ends, it ends as a result of great comradery and a team that cares,” Frederick said.

Frederick was a player on the Massachusetts State Championship winning 1988 boys’ soccer team as a junior. After graduating in 1989, he returned to ARHS to coach the boys’ team for 10 consecutive years, delivering another two State Championships in 2004 and 2005, and winning a district championship in 2006. 

“We had ridiculous players; we just had really talented players that were also tremendously fun to be around,” Frederick said.

Frederick gives credit for the success to his players, and he believes anything is possible with dedicated, talented players.

Any coach that thinks they are the primary reason that they win, I think is missing the bigger picture; you need players,” Frederick said.

After coaching for 13 years at the New England Revolution Development Academy, Frederick returned to coach the ARHS girls’ junior varsity soccer team in 2021.

“When the varsity position opened up, I thought it was a natural fit so I applied and I was fortunate enough to get the job,” Frederick said. “It’s been, if not the greatest coaching job I’ve had, it’s certainly one of them.” 

As the girls’ varsity head coach, Frederick strives to inspire a new generation of players using his previous experience. 

“This girls’ team is very similar to those [past championship] teams in a lot of ways,” Frederick said. “They’re a tight group, they care about each other, they’re fun to be around and they work hard.” 

Frederick enjoys coaching at Algonquin and building connections with players, especially when he has the opportunity to interact with them throughout the school day.

“[At Algonquin], I get to know the players better,” Frederick said. “Because I’m teaching in the building, I see them for more than two hour [practices].”

This year’s team is made up of 26 girls, including 10 seniors. According to Frederick, many of the players have been close their entire lives. Frederick notices this connection and believes his players can handle whatever challenges are thrown at them.

“They’ve been friends forever,” Frederick said. “I just think it’s a group with tremendous personalities; there’s just so many different very big personalities in the group, they make me smile every day I’m out there.”

Frederick understands the struggles his players may face on and off of the field and works to create a comfortable environment.

“In the end, sports are supposed to be fun, and if they’re not fun, I’m not sure why we’re doing it,” Frederick said.