Girls’ volleyball team takes CMASS championship, advances in State Tournament

Lila Shields, Assistant Opinion Editor

The girls’ varsity volleyball team won the Central Massachusetts Championship on Oct. 29 with a 3-0 win over Wachusett. The season officially came to an end on Nov. 8 after losing 3-1 against Newton South during their second playoff game. 

The team was led by senior captains Nina Viswanathan and Mia Dobosh. 

Dobosh recounts players feeling determined yet humble as the team entered the CMASS finals game against Wachusett. 

“It was never an expectation to win but it was never a ‘We can’t do it’,” Dobosh said.

The team entered the State Tournament ranked 14th and defeated Wellesley 3-1 before their Round of 16 loss to Newton South.

Dobosh and Viswanathan both agree that the team’s bond largely contributed to such a great season. 

“We just clicked as a team,” Viswanathan said. “You can play hard and be good, but it’s really the connections between your friends and teammates that matters.”

According to Viswanathan, the outcome of games varied on how clear their calls were and their outlook going into the game. 

“We work with each other instead of trying to just personally improve,” Viswanathan said.

During the ups and downs of the regular season, the team used their performance during games to shape drills that they would use in practices to improve on weaknesses. Dobosh appreciated this opportunity for reflection, as it helped them better prepare for future games.

 “After a game we would talk for five or so minutes about what we did well, what we did not do well, what we need to improve,” Dobosh said. 

Throughout the season, the team spent a lot of time together which helped build their comfort levels and develop supportive team chemistry.

“All of us had the same mindset of wanting a closely knit team that wanted to do stuff before games and that was always encouraging each other whether you play every set or you don’t play,” Dobosh said.

Before the season started, the captains ran clinics which helped the girls get to know each other and connect, which was beneficial in building an overall team.

“We don’t want it to be volleyball [broken up between] varsity, JV and freshman [teams] because it is the whole program, we are all in it,” Dobosh said. 

Viswanathan and Dobosh both express great thanks to not only their teammates, but also to the coaches, Janice Henningson, Lisa Strom and Kristen Morcone, and the parents. Having parents at the games meant a lot to the girls and they recognize the dedication the parents put in to support the team.

Despite the season coming to an end, both captains are proud of how the team worked together this season. 

“[Our] togetherness fueled our drive to win and play harder,” Dobosh said.