REVIEW: New City Microcreamery adds twist to traditional ice cream

Holly Cavanna, Staff Writer

Imagine it’s a scorching hot Saturday afternoon and you just got lunch with friends in downtown Hudson. You’re walking around outside in the uncomfortable heat and you just want a treat. Well, you’re lucky because New City Microcreamery is right around the corner!

New City Microcreamery at 28 Main St, Hudson is more than just your average ice cream shop. They use liquid nitrogen at less than negative 300 degrees to freeze their ice cream in efforts to create smaller “ice crystals” for a creamier and smoother texture. 

Ice cream flavors

New City Microcreamery’s ice cream flavors are right on point. Their menu is not overwhelming with dozens of options that make it impossible to decide, though it’s still tempting to taste everything they have to offer. They keep the menu short and sweet. There’s a category for everyone’s classic favorites like chocolate and cookie dough, but their original flavors are more exciting and creative. From chocolate almond croissant to vanilla bourbon and everything in between, this place has a fantastic selection.


Seating is one of the best things about New City Microcreamery. They have so much open space with seats both inside and outside, which is not something you often see at an ice cream shop! Customers can sit at a table inside to soak in all the festive decorations, including the bar to watch how the ice cream is made. Customers also have the option to sit outside and enjoy the weather. The outdoor space is just as great and decorative as inside. The fake grass with the tall fire towers make you feel like you are on vacation. What more could someone ask for?  


One word describes the atmosphere of New City Microcreamery: Happy. All the colorful touches and decor placed throughout the shop adds to the happiness you feel when you step foot inside. Such as the string of lights covering the ceiling along with the colorful pom-pom decorations. 

Texture & taste

That first taste of their ice cream is nothing short of pure deliciousness. The slight extra creaminess of the ice cream texture is noticeable. Even though it’s not as creamy or smooth as soft serve ice cream, it still deserves to be titled as an amazing ice cream treat in its own unique way. 


The pricing is definitely on the pricier side, but that’s not a shock considering the ice cream is made on the spot with massive hunks of toppings embedded.