Tea for the Win

For such a long part of my life, I never had a fancy for beverages, however, what I put in my body carries more weight now, which is why I was interested in reading this article called “Tea. A cup of positivi-tea” by Jenny Lambert.

Personally, I start every morning with a cup of home-brewed coffee before I go to school or work to wake up a bit. Usually, I drink tea in the midday or afternoon, and I prefer buying it from the store cold and flavored rather than hot-brewing tea bags. I completely agree with the multiple arguments made that tea is both cheaper and a healthier option than coffee. It’s not necessarily about the chemical make-up of the substance for me, but more on how the beverage affects by body afterwards. I like how the author put in “It’s quite common to see students yawning as they walk to their first period class holding a Dunkin Donuts coffee”. It persuades the reader and gives the piece a sense of perspective. She not only explains the benefits of drinking tea, but she also warns of possible consequences from drinking coffee, such as teeth stains, and increased risk of heart disease and digestive problems. Something that I think was very strong in this editorial was the fact that the author addresses the other sides point of view, which is very important in getting one’s argument across efficiently. An example includes when Lambert says, “I understand that coffee drinkers have many different flavor options as well”, and this genuinity stood out to me as a reader.

So even though I start every morning with a cup of coffee, when I take into consideration my calorie count, health, and cost, I lean more towards tea as my ideal option.

Christophe LaPine