Spikeball provides break for athletes after school

Spikeball club is an excellent idea. During most student’s underclassman campaign, a practice typically starts around 4:00 pm as much as every day. In the meantime, from 1:50-3:30 pm, most students don’t always feel like completing homework on a Thursday, after a long 6 hour day. Spikeball is the perfect substitute! As described in Karthik Yalala’s article, “Spikeball Club Attracts Athletes After School”, Spikeball athletes are exposed to other students outside their grades. And, it keeps many of the participants out of trouble. Students always complain about our school’s spirit. Spikeball is the answer. This highly competitive environment builds comradery between students from other sports teams. For example, a soccer, football and hockey player could be on a team. Ultimately, this could frame better relationships with their peers, leading to t-hawk pride improvement. Besides the entertaining aspect of the game, Spikeball is an excellent cardio workout. This game forces players to push themselves past their desired limits. The great part is that students learn to cooperate with their teammates. It doesn’t matter if you have the most talent. Often, the teams that work as one, beat the highly skilled individuals of their opponents. Overall, Spikeball club can be a very laid back environment, simply for those looking to have fun.

Noah Larsen

Class of 2020