Senior privilege sign out process needs to become more efficient

Dear Harbinger,

Everyday I hear my classmates complain about the hassle of signing in and out of the

office for senior privileges. Although it is important to keep track of students leaving and

returning to school, the current process is inefficient and frustrating. In my experiences, the

queue at the maroon office quickly lengthens as the google form used to record student data

takes over a minute per entry. Time spent fuming in line left me wondering, “Is there no better


After some thought, it has come to my attention that the same information could be

gathered by using a different, but already implemented and efficient system. Using the library

keypad system in the office, as opposed to the google forms, would expedite the sign out

process. Students would only be required to enter their student ID and pass number into the

keypad, leaving the recording of information such as time, period, and name to be figured out by

the computer. Such a change might cut signout times down to only 15 seconds, as opposed to

the current minute and a half. Doing so would likely eliminate the line altogether, allowing

students to take their mind off of being late to class, and instead focus their attention on



Alex Lemieux

Class of 2019