BYOD helps students, should be used in some classes

This article, “Teachers should utilize BYOD more in classrooms’ ‘ by Andrew Roberts,
gives an opinion on why the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program should be used more
often in school. As a person who hasn’t always been too friendly with the idea of using
technology for school, I do admit it can be a big help at times. While I still do not think we
should implement technology into every single class, I have learned to agree that this program
should be used more often in more classes.

First off, in a few of my classes, I have been told to ‘put my device away’ as the teacher
didn’t instruct to take it out. However, sometimes I feel more comfortable to write or do the
work for the class on my computer instead of handwritten. I feel that if the device is being used
for an educational purpose then students should be allowed to choose their device or have it out.
The worry I think teachers have is whether or not students are actually doing work, a point that
was mentioned in the article which I agree with. And in the article it also states that we are in
high school and the choice is up to the student to do the work for the class for a grade or slack off
for a zero.

Even though for some classes the technology can be more difficult to have textbook
readings or to fill in a worksheet that could be created online, computers are very helpful for
writing, practicing math, reading articles or doing research, etc. I think at least, the teacher
should allow all students to have an option to use their device instead of not allowing them to be
out at all.

Amanda Benatuil

Class of 2020