BOOK REVIEW: Eleanor and Park: A Realistic Story of Love

Brooke Suitum, Staff Writer

October 30, 2014

In Rainbow Rowell’s novel Eleanor and Park, a not-so-typical teenage girl with enough self-insecurities capable of filling an empty room wanders her way into an awkward, yet incredible human connection. Eleanor and Park mee...

BOOK REVIEW: The Double Blind: Slow yet Chilling Novel

Paige O'Leary, Staff Writer

October 28, 2014

People always say that you never really get to know someone until you know their deepest darkest secrets. The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian is a mysterious, yet at times comical, novel that touches upon loneliness, grievance and acc...

BOOK REVIEW: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Do You?

Rebecca Furgal, Staff Writer

October 27, 2014

In I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou writes of her coming of age while dealing with racism, parental problems, and her own insecurities. Throughout this book, Angelou accurately depicts the struggles children often ...

BOOK REVIEW: Orphan Train: A Heart Wrenching but Uplifting Read

Annie Campbell, Staff Writer

October 21, 2014

In her own magical way author Christina Baker Kline manages to capture the essence of the twenty first century in Orphan Train, while also giving the reader a glance of an often forgotten time in America’s past. The nove...

BOOK REVIEW: Swapping Potter for Pagford

Olivia Giorlandino, Layout and Graphics Editor

November 26, 2013

With its clear absence of wizards, house elves, and everything magically related, J.K. Rowling’s new novel “The Casual Vacancy” puts a new and extremely provocative spin on the local politics of a small village. To be quite f...

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