Top 5 picks #2

Jasmine Yee and Lili Torres

Many students take advantage of the free lunches provided by our school’s cafeteria, but the line lengths on any given day definitely vary. As we approach the second semester, we’ve developed a strong idea of what lunches are particularly worth a long wait. Here is a list of our top five school lunches served as hot meals in the cafeteria. 

#5: Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is a fan favorite. The creamy cheese sauce in the meal is both savory and flavorful. The delicious meal is also served alongside a roll of soft and tasty bread, and even though rolls are served most days in the cafeteria, this side compliments the flavorful meal. Though the flavor of mac and cheese beats the flavor of the simple boxed brand, this meal could’ve been higher on the list had there been more toppings on the mac and cheese that could really impact the flavoring. Although this meal is not served in the cafeteria very often, it never fails to attract a large crowd of students when it is served. 

#4: Orange Chicken

Orange chicken is made multiple times a month, and for good reason. The staple meal is both a sweet and savory dish that students wait in long lines for. The chicken is made with a sweet and sour sauce and alongside a pile of rice that is the perfect combination of both crunchy and soft. Although not an exact rendition, the meal is a great representation of the sweet and sour chicken from many Asian cultures.

#3: Pizza

Pizza is a go-to meal for when the main entree is not very enticing, or when you just want to eat and avoid the long lines. With a choice of cheese or pepperoni and a side of either carrots or peas, pizza is a quick and easy meal to get in the cafeteria. Some days, the cafeteria decides to have stuffed crust, a delectable addition that makes the simple pizza unique to the cafeteria. It also is quite tasty and popular among the students and faculty of Algonquin. Even though it is served every day, you can’t go wrong with a classic dish that every student can enjoy. 

#2: Pasta with Meat Sauce

Though the cafeteria offers a variety of pastas throughout the year, pasta with meat sauce tops the list. It is simple but delicious, and gives students the choice of meat sauce, plain sauce and even no sauce. Moreover, the cafeteria changes the type of pasta each time it is made, from elbows to spaghetti to penne. The meal is served with garlic bread, another favorite at Algonquin, and steamed vegetables. 

#1: Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are a classic school lunch. The simple meal usually consists of chicken nuggets (obviously), tater tots or french fries, steamed carrots and a roll. The chicken nuggets have such versatility and allow the students to be creative with their food. From using different sauces for dipping or making a mini sandwich with the roll, the chicken nugget meal is so much more than just chicken nuggets.