Gallery of the Boroughs hopes to engage, involve community members

Marygrace Sarrasin, News Editor

Gallery of the Boroughs provides a sense of community and creativity as students work to provide peers with an engaging upcoming exhibit. 

This event is run by students taking the Art Gallery Management course, which is offered at the honors level for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Members of the class plan for the next gallery to be shown in December and hope to include student artwork based around the theme of connection.

Art Gallery Management is led by Fine and Performing Arts teacher Danielle DeCiero, as she works to inspire and assist her students on their artistic paths. 

“I’ve been running the gallery for a while now, and every batch of students that participates in that process has different visions,” DeCiero said. “The gallery is meant to be something that the students lead. My hope would be that the students taking the class come back and take it multiple times, and that they really take leadership and ownership [of the gallery].” 

In an attempt to connect with students, the Art Gallery Management class hosted a studio workshop night and has been actively posting on their Instagram account to generate interest for the gallery and inspire potential artwork. 

While currently taking the course, president of the National Art Honor Society senior Sara Hoskins hopes to increase student involvement within the gallery. 

“I hope to get more people involved who maybe wouldn’t think to in the first place,” Hoskins said. “I want to get people to think about art a little bit more. Instead of just looking at art, [it is important to] think about how it impacts you, and take it as more than something that is just pretty to look at.” 

Also currently taking the course, senior Ava McLaughlin has a goal of making the art gallery a more notable part of the school. 

“I want to get more people involved in the art community at Algonquin,” McLaughlin said. “Before this class I didn’t even know where the gallery was, and I feel like a lot of people don’t even know that the art gallery exists.” 

Students wanting to get involved with the gallery are encouraged to reach out to DeCiero, and to submit work until the Nov. 30 deadline.

DeCiero and her students look forward to the connection-themed gallery of December 2022, and a display of artwork from outside artists in Spring of 2023.