A new athletic complex may be on the horizon


Courtesy Gale Associates Inc.

The new athletic complex will consist of a brand new track, two turf fields, bleachers, lights, tennis courts and an arts pavilion.

Ellie O’Connor, Assistant News Editor

A recent proposal for a new athletic complex may bring necessary changes to ARHS, resulting in improvements for athletics and beyond.

First announced at the Northborough-Southborough town meeting on April 12, the newly formed Athletic Complex Project Committee proposed to launch a project to replace the ARHS athletic complex. Currently, the athletic complex is past its life expectancy, including cracks in the tennis courts, erosion in the track and non handicap accessible bleachers at the stadium. A brand new track, two turf fields, bleachers, lights, tennis courts and arts pavilion are predicted to cost over $7,000,000 with construction to begin during the summer of 2023 at the earliest. 

The ARHS administration, student body and local community have long anticipated these proposals.

“All facilities, especially outdoor athletics facilities, have a period of time through which they can be used safely before they need to be renovated or replaced entirely,” Principal Sean Bevan said via email. “Our current complex has simply reached the end of [its] period of time, and various elements need to be replaced.”

Although planning is still in the early stages, current estimates and other details can be found in the presentation shown at the April 12 town meeting. According to Bevan, funding from both Northborough and Southborough will be crucial moving forward. 

“A lot will depend on when the towns vote on the project,” Bevan said. “The sooner they vote, the sooner the project could begin if it’s approved.”

Athletic Director Mike Mocerino believes that these additions will benefit athletes in far more than just the aspect of competition.

“This [project] will give our student athletes a sense of camaraderie, unity and a sense of spirit,” Mocerino said. “It will also put us on-par with a lot of our local schools. Our student athletes deserve the opportunity to have this complex as soon as possible.”

The new athletic complex is predicted to cost over $7,000,000. (Courtesy Gale Associates Inc.)

However, the decision making process kept students from a wide range of backgrounds in mind, as the plans include an amphitheater-style pavilion for the arts and new spectator stands.

“I see the athletic complex as an asset for all members of the community, even though it may be immediately thought of as a space primarily for our athletes,” Bevan said. “The plans call for an amphitheater, which will be a nice space for our artists to perform and will serve as a space for all kinds of performances and community events.”

Administration originally intended to replace the stadium in 2012, but these plans fell through and subsided. With multiple community efforts, the project has begun to regain its momentum.

“Within the last year, we’ve had numerous conversations and meetings with very important stakeholders to get this back as a priority for our students and try to make it a reality,” Mocerino said.

Before construction can take place next summer, attendees at next spring’s town meeting will vote on the details surrounding the athletic complex. Mocerino emphasizes how collaboration will help move the project forward.

“Right now, it’s just about getting the word out and getting the information out to both communities,” Mocerino said. “If everything goes according to plan, we’re hoping that by the end of next year, we can start to put this new complex into motion.”