It’s time for turf on our football field


Cooper Newfield

Sophomore Garrett Burns overlooks the football field on Feb. 12, 2022.

Grace Bouzan, Staff Writer


I got up from my seat as the boys’ varsity soccer team scored against Tantasqua, taking a 2-0 lead. I looked across the field as the boys celebrated, and it wasn’t the rowdy excitement of the players that caught my eye. It was the stadium’s field and lights: the grass was torn up, mud was everywhere and I could only see shadows of the players on the far sideline of the dimly lit field. This is Algonquin’s presentation to away teams.  

Other nearby schools, such as Westborough or Shrewsbury, have nice, big, fully lit turf fields for student athletes to play on. Algonquin, however, has the same grass field that has been exhausted for years. The lights remain as dull as the faded lines on the field. High school sports teams such as soccer, lacrosse and rugby that practice outside have the chance to either practice on turf or grass fields. Better surface equals better practice, placing Algonquin teams at a disadvantage. 

According to the Harbinger 2015 article, “T-hawks want Turf to compete better,” a Track and Turf committee was formed almost ten years ago to help our field sports compete at the highest level possible. Yet now, ten years later, we still have the same old field.

I believe Algonquin needs a new improvement to its stadium field. Westborough, Shrewsbury and Marlborough all have turf fields for their athletes, while Algonquin is one of the only schools that still has a grass field, which impacts playing conditions and also limits the school’s ability to host tournament play for the many teams that use the field. 

According to Ultra Base Systems, a website that helps design and sell fields of sports, turf fields are more accessible and have more playability than grass fields, as they can be played on during rain or snow. 

While I do understand turf fields are more expensive than grass fields, costing between  $700,000 and  $1,500,000, not only do they look nicer, but they will also require less maintenance. Additionally, grass fields require a lot of maintenance, including  repainting the lines and mowing the grass, which turf fields do not require.

Finally, the timing is perfect to install a new turf field because we are getting a new mascot. To have the new mascot logo be installed in the center of the field would be a great new image for Algonquin Athletics and the start of a new era for our athletics program.

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