Buzzell retires as aide, looks forward to new possibilities


Priya Maraliga

Educational Support Professional Joan Buzzell retires after years of working at Algonquin.

Grace Bouzan, Senior Staff Writer

Educational Support Professional and former elementary school teacher Joan Buzzell is retiring after years working at Algonquin and in the district. 

Buzzell looks forward to her retirement and has many plans for the future. 

“I just have so many things that I want to be able to do, and the time to do it,” Buzzell said. 

Buzzell has mostly enjoyed making connections with students and helping them learn. She especially values being a part of their activities and accomplishments.

“The kids are interested in learning,” Buzzell said. “I loved hearing from the kids about the prom, and the carnivals have been great.”

Before working at Algonquin, Buzzell was a third grade teacher at Proctor Elementary School in Northborough. Her last third grade class graduated from Algonquin this year. 

“It’s been fascinating to see those kids and see how they develop into the people I thought they would be,” Buzzell said. 

Buzzell has already been making plans for the future. After retirement, she plans to spend more time outdoors and to further develop her small business.

“I’m looking forward to spending time hiking with my dog and my friends,” Buzzell said. “I also have a small business. I love crochet and doing craft fairs. It’s been hard to devote a lot of time into setting up my website, so I’m going full force into that.” 

Special Education teacher Sherry Nolan-Hess is very happy for Buzzell and her retirement, but is sad to see her leave. 

“It’s sad for myself and for my students,” Nolan-Hess said. “We enjoyed having her. She is very enjoyable with the kids in the capacity that we need her in.” 

Nolan-Hess believes Buzzell will be greatly missed by students and faculty who have worked alongside her. 

“I think her presence is comforting for teachers and students,” Nolan-Hess said. “Her presence will be missed.” 

English teacher Lindsay Coppens agrees.  

“I was really bummed to hear that she was going to be retiring, but I’m very happy for her that she’ll have more time to spend on the things she loves,” Coppens said. 

Buzzell was an aide in one of Coppens’ classes this year. Coppens and Buzzell have been working and cooperating together for a long time during the school years. 

“I think we work really well together in the class,” Coppens said. “I really got to know [Buzzell] in the past few years we’ve been working together. I’m just going to miss hearing how her life is going.”

Despite looking forward to retirement, Buzzell will miss Algonquin. 

“I will miss working with the kids and working with the other teachers,” Buzzell said. “But I’m looking forward to the future and all of the possibilities that await me.”


Editor’s note: This article originally incorrectly stated that Buzzell was an aide at the elementary level. The article was corrected on 6/16/22.