Students showcase work in Spring Art Show

Maggie Haven, Assistant A&E Editor

The Spring Art Show was a great opportunity for students to showcase their art in a gallery format. The show was open from May 16 to 27 in the Algonquin Wrestling Gym, as well as a public reception from 5-6:30 on May 24. 

AP art students and seniors Olivia Kardos, Lindsey Stone and Sam Paffenroth show how their interests and passions outside of art impact their artistic style and technique, and make it unique to them. 

“I’m really into old movie posters and movies, and I wanted to somehow convey memories and things that are important to me,” Kardos said. “I mixed the fun of movie posters in different genres with things like my siblings being born, going on vacation, running and things like that.”

Like Kardos, Stone also worked hard on creating art in relation to her other interests. 

“These [projects] started with starting AP Environmental Science in the fall,” Stone said. “I’ve always loved drawing animals, and [my project] was just mixing that with sustainability and doing art more sustainably. We waste a lot doing art and we know that, but it’s just trying techniques to waste less and also finding ways to use things to be more sustainable in your art.”

Paffenroth discusses their unique style of art and how they go about creating their projects.

“My general topic for the whole thing was the question, ‘how can a visual medium best be used to tell a story?’” Paffenroth said. “Some of the things I ended up focusing on were medium and the layout of different pieces. For the more futuristic piece, I decided to draw it digitally to make it smoother and look more futuristic, while for another piece it’s more of a rustic setting, so I wanted to do a collage to give it a homely style and tell that kind of story.”

The Spring Art Show was a huge success, as all students could visit the gallery during any of their free time and view their classmates’ talent. The show was a vital event for the school, allowing students to get appreciation and attention for all of their hard work this school year.