Keeping up with ‘The Voice’: The Live Shows, Week One


Courtesy NBC

Jeremy Rosado covers “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars during the first week of the Live Shows.

Riya Mahanta and Katherine Wu

Before reading this piece, check out our recent blog post about the second week of Knockouts if you missed it!

This week on “The Voice” was the first round of live performances. The top 20 contestants, five per team, competed on Monday for a spot in the top 13 to continue in the competition. The two contestants with the most votes on each team automatically moved on, and the coach could pick one contestant out of the three remaining to personally save. Out of the remaining two contestants on each team, the one with more votes had the chance to compete for the final “Wild Card” spot as the 13th contestant.


Our Top Five

1. Jeremy Rosado represented coach Kelly Clarkson and sang “When I was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. He nailed the high notes in his emotional performance, and we felt Rosado gave it his all, incorporating a variety of techniques and runs.

2. From coach Blake Shelton’s team, Wendy Moten performed “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. She started off the song acapella, which really captured the audience. Her control throughout the entire performance was spot on as she belted the high notes and sang multiple runs. In the beginning it was hard to hear her at some points, but you were able to hear her well after.

3. Joshua Vacanti, on coach John Legend’s team, sang “You and I” by Lady Gaga. Vacanti lit up the stage with his entertaining performance, and his vocals did not falter either.

4. For coach Ariana Grande’s team, Holly Forbes sang Natalie Imbruglia’s hit “Torn.” Forbes has been a consistent performer throughout all her performances, and we love the tone and emotion that she puts into every performance.

5. Also representing Grande’s team, father and son duo Jim and Sasha Allen performed “Hey Jude” by The Beatles. Sasha Allen looked like a rockstar when he fell to his knees around the middle of the song, and Jim Allen impressed us with his versatility on the keyboard, especially after he played the harmonica and guitar at the same time during their Knockout performance. 



On Tuesday, Nov. 9, host Carson Daly announced who would be advancing to the next round of live shows. 

On team Kelly, sibling trio Girl named Tom and Rosado gained the most votes, automatically sending them to the next round. Clarkson decided to save Gymani, and Hailey Mia got the opportunity to compete for the “Wild Card” spot, so Katie Rae had to go home.

On team Legend, Vacanti and Jershika Maple were automatically saved from the audience votes, and Legend chose to save Shadale. Samuel Harness had the opportunity to compete for the “Wild Card,” sending David Vogel home.

On team Ariana, Forbes and the Allen duo received the most votes and automatically advanced to the top 13. Grande picked Ryleigh Plank as her “save,” and Bella DeNapoli was able to compete for the “Wild Card.” Unfortunately, this meant the end of Raquel Trinidad’s journey on the show.

Finally, for team Blake, Moten and Paris Winningham received the most votes. Since there were no other country artists on the show, Shelton chose to advance Lana Scott. Peedy Chavis competed for the “Wild Card” spot, which meant one of our favorites, Libianca, had to go home.


Wild Card Competition Results

During the “Wild Card” competition, Daly announced the winner of the Twitter comeback vote, Vaughn Mugol on Grande’s team. We were hoping he would win the comeback vote! For his comeback, Mugol chose to sing “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith. Voting opened online for five minutes, and Mia won after her rendition of “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri. We think Mia deserved to stay because her performance on Monday was also one of our favorites.  


Team Rosters (as of Nov. 9) after The Live Shows, Week One

Team Kelly: Jeremy Rosado, Girl Named Tom, Gymani, Hailey Mia

Team Legend: Jershika Maple, Joshua Vacanti, Shadale

Team Ariana: Jim and Sasha Allen, Holly Forbes, Ryleigh Plank

Team Blake: Wendy Moten, Paris Winningham, Lana Scott


With the competition intensifying, we look forward to next week’s show, the top 13 live performances. Once again, viewers like us can vote for who we want to advance to the top 11. Two contestants will be eliminated each week until there are only five performers left, which becomes the finale. If you want to have an impact on the results, don’t miss it!