A look back at A&E


Graphic Tisya Singh

Here are the top 5 articles from the A&E section during the 2020-2021 school year.

A&E presents top five pieces from past school year:

1. A voice of joy

Editor-in-Chief Melissa Dai writes about post-grad Anelise Merrihew who shares her passion for music through online videos. There are videos embedded throughout the article, which makes it more interesting and interactive.

2. REVIEW: ‘Central Intelligence’ lacks any filmmaking intelligence

Former Online Editor Sharada Vishwanath writes a strong review of Central Intelligence, incorporating many reasons for disliking the film. It’s a good example of a negative review, which is an important type of content.

3. COVID impacts students’ music listening habits

Staff Writer Tony Bianchi writes about how the pandemic has affected how students listen to music. It’s a creative article idea, and there’s a spotify playlist with some songs the students recommended. 

4. Senior wins state’s most professional monologue contest

Former A&E Editor Macey Poitras-Cote covers the first Algonquin student to win the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild (METG) Doug Ingalls Monologue Scholarship Contest. The piece has many strong quotes.

5. DeCosmo’s soap making: a ‘labor of love’

Staff Writer Emily Hinterneder writes about Gregory DeCosmo’s soap-making business. There’s definitely an interesting backstory with how DeCosmo got into soap making and strong imagery throughout.