Jazz bands perform after year of restrictions

Brianna Tang and Srishti Kaushik

After a year of change in the music department, the Algonquin jazz bands were able to perform in their annual Jazz Night on Thursday, June 10. Held outdoors in the parking lot, over 50 students from Jazz 1, Jazz 2 and the Melican Jazz Band performed. 

“The seniors [came] back for the only and the last performance together this year since they haven’t played since last March,” Fine and Performing Arts teacher Eric Vincent said.

Jazz Night was the first full in-person performance since the COVID-induced lockdown began last March. During the beginning of the school year, the ensembles were not allowed to play inside, but later this was changed to being allowed to play indoors at 10 foot spacing. Still, it has been difficult for the bands to practice spread out in the auditorium. 

“The inequity for athletics and the performing arts is frustrating,” Vincent said. “The regulations in Massachusetts were changed a while back for athletics, and it wasn’t until May 27 that the state changed the guidelines for music.”

Although the orchestra, concert band and choral groups were unable to have in-person performances, the Northborough cable studio has recorded performance videos for the groups that are available here

“It was really different performing outside, but it went pretty well,” Jazz 2 band member junior Connor Veitch said. “Jazz 1 did especially well.”

Above all, the Jazz Night performance was the first step towards normalcy for the students and faculty of the music department after over 15 months. 

“I’m just glad that I was able to provide some opportunity for these kids to play,” Vincent said. “I’m glad that there is finally something for them.”