Committed Seniors 2021: Round 5


Jessie Lambert and Tisya Singh

The Harbinger will be spotlighting seniors who have committed to playing sports at the college level in multiple rounds

Rio Ferguson – Saint Anselm College football

Senior Rio Ferguson is excited to pursue his passion for football at Saint Anselm College. (Tisya Singh)

How does it feel to be committed?

“It feels great. It was really hard [finalizing] the decision of where to go. I had a couple options, but after a month of deciding and finally being able to commit, it feels like a relief.”

What made you choose this school?

“Great academics. Great campus life. Really nice people and athletics.”


What does it mean to you to play a sport in college?

“It means a lot. I put a lot of hard work into being able to get onto campus and be recruited. Football is a passion that I wanted to continue playing for as long as possible.”


After lots of stress and hard work, senior Day Ruffo has committed to Merrimack College to play field hockey. (Jessie Lambert)

Day Ruffo – Merrimack College field hockey

How do you feel about being committed? 

“Honestly relieved. Picking what college you are going to attend is more stressful than I thought. With sports, I feel like it’s definitely a little easier because you aren’t necessarily applying because you enjoy the school but because the coach and players actually want you to join their team.” 

What made you choose the school you are committed to? 

“I didn’t actually know I was going to Merrimack until a few days before the deadline on May 1. I procrastinated a lot, but my options came down to only two colleges. I ended up picking Merrimack because the coach and team were so welcoming, and I really liked their team dynamic. I’ve also played at Merrimack many times with my club field hockey team, so I kind of already had a feel for the campus, field and things around the school.” 

What does it mean for you to play a sport in college? 

“Sports have always helped me in different ways. School has never been my thing but I’ve always used sports as a motive to complete my work. Playing a sport in college will give me the incentives I need to do my school work because if I don’t, there will be consequences.” 


Will Lamburn – University of Hartford track & field

Senior Will Lamburn is looking forward to continuing his running career through the University of Hartford. (Tisya Singh)

How does it feel to be committed?

“[It] feels pretty good. One of my goals as a freshman was to make it into a D1 college, which seemed like a bit of a stretch at the time but I’ve been working hard for four years.” 

What made you choose this school?

“I looked at a few different schools but I liked the smaller class sizes [at Hartford], just so I could focus a little bit better. I also liked the coach. [There] were a few different factors that played into it.”

What does it mean to you to play a sport in college?

“That was one of my goals, to compete in college and continue my running career, just because I love it so much. It means a lot. My mom competed in running when she was younger as well.”