Student artwork shines in underclassmen show

Joceline Giron, Staff Writer

After a lot of preparation and speculation as to whether the art show would occur this year, the underclassmen art show showcases and celebrates student art from the department’s various courses in the library from June 7 to June 11.

Due to COVID restrictions, the art department did not know whether they would have the show this year, which was similar to last year’s predicament when the annual end-of-year exhibit was canceled. However, an easing of restrictions allowed the show to happen but in a different form, with separate shows for seniors and underclassmen. As a result, the teachers had less time to prepare.

“We do a lot of prep work in terms of picking what work goes in and figuring out how to physically lay it in the space,” art teacher Danielle DeCiero said.

Over 100 pieces, about two per student, are on display in the gallery. Most of the pieces on display are from this year’s art classes, but some are from last year. The pieces, ranging from digital art to ceramics, embody the student artists’ emotions and creative expression. 

“Making something and then just standing from it, and you just look at it and you go, ‘I made that,’” art teacher Michelle Sheppard said. “It gives the students the chance to share that emotion with people.”

Junior Olivia Kardos is glad that the art show is back after a very stressful year. 

“I’m happy to see [my art] because after this whole year of frustration, it’s kind of a relief,” Kardos said. 

Art teacher Rebecca Duffy said the show also reveals to the student population what happens in the art department.

“Different students can see what is goes on in our little corner of the school if they want to possibly take a class and see what those classes are,” Duffy said. 

Students can visit the gallery any time from June 7 to June 11 as long as they sign in with a librarian.