Richard Cassidy looks forward to different environment as new Technology Systems Administrator


Priya Maraliga

After eight years at the Bancroft School in Worcester, Technology Systems Administrator Richard Cassidy is eager to continue working with computers and deal with technology related issues in the ARHS community.

Tisya Singh, Assistant News Editor

Richard Cassidy recently joined the Algonquin facility staff as a Technology Systems Administrator where he works to fix technology related issues that arise.

Cassidy decided to join Algonquin after working eight years at the Bancroft School in Worcester, a day school Pre-K through 12th grade. Although the title held at his old job was the same, Cassidy is looking forward to a change.

“It was a new challenge, I wanted to do that,” Cassidy said. “I was looking for something new.” 

The environment of Algonquin is much different from Cassidy’s old job as he works with more people than he is accustomed to.

“The way Algonquin does things are different. I’m part of a larger team and much larger school district, working with two towns instead of one small day school,” Cassidy said.

Even though Cassidy switched jobs amidst a pandemic, he claims that it had no effect on his decision to join the Algonquin technology staff. 

“I would have taken this job even without the COVID pandemic. I don’t think it really had an influence on whether I took this job or not,” Cassidy said.

Technology is one of Cassidy’s main passions in life, and he has been working in technology related jobs since college.

“I have fun doing [working with technology]. I like troubleshooting computers, I like learning about them, I like dealing with networking infrastructure,” Cassidy said.

Aside from computer work, Cassidy largely enjoys spending time outdoors and bicycling. He races both mountain and road bikes. Another one of his hobbies is cooking as he enjoys making meals and treats for his family. 

“I like to make ramen, real ramen, not the packet. Real ramen is always good,” Cassidy said. “I like to make lasagna and hermit cookies are my favorite. They’re a raisin molasses spice cookie. They are my favorite ones to make and eat.”

Although he has not been at Algonquin for long, Cassidy is looking forward to his work along with learning more about the people at Algonquin.

“If anybody’s near, drop by and say ‘hi’ at the tech center, be friendly. I’d love to learn more people’s names,” Cassidy said.