Cambus finds calling as Special Education teacher


Priya Maraliga

After around three years as an instructional aide, Marilou Cambus is now a Special Education teacher who loves teaching and forming close relationships with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Zoe Manousos, Staff Writer

After many career changes, Special Education teacher, Marilou Cambus, finally found her calling in the Special Education department. 

For about three years, Cambus was an instructional aide at Algonquin and also spent time experimenting in other fields. Just two weeks before school started, Cambus jumped at the opportunity to become a Special Education teacher for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Cambus works hard to teach students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and has already made many connections with her students.  

“It’s never tiring,” Cambus said. “Every day I come home very happy, and I think in the many years that I’ve been teaching, I always come home feeling complete knowing I’ve done everything I can do to help a child.” 

Cambus has formed many close relationships with her students. 

“I enjoy teaching and really relating to the children with special needs,” Cambus said. “I’ve been in Special Ed for a really long time, and they say it’s either you hate it or you love it; there is not an in-between.”

Cambus loves being a teacher and being an instructional aide equally. However, she believes that she has more control over students as a teacher.

“Every time they say something right or do something right, my heart flutters because I am very happy with that,” Cambus said.