Inside the mind of a movie lover: Inside network television


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In her look into network television, Photo Editor Annabella Ferraiuolo claims that some shows such as ‘Schitt’s Creek’ continue to make network television meaningful and worthwhile.

Annabella Ferraiuolo, Photo Editor

As I have discussed in my first blog post, “Inside Amazon Prime”, streaming services are dominating the entertainment industry. Despite this, many networks continue to produce quality television shows with an equal or even a greater following than those on streaming services. These television shows have gone above and beyond to make their shows relevant, proving that network television is still worthwhile.


This sitcom that follows the daily lives of workers at a big box store not only entertains but also tackles tough issues that our country currently faces. Although it may seem similar to a  show like The Office”, creator Justin Spitzer went above and beyond with the show’s plot. In addition to the many hilarious stunts pulled, “Superstore” also tackles hot topics like gun control, birth, breastfeeding, ethnic stereotypes, unions, corporate control, relationship stigmas and most recently the coronavirus pandemic. Every topic is always shown in a satirical and mocking way that can convince even the most closed minded people to make a change in their daily lives. For example, whenever the workers decide they want to form a union, corporate overhears and sends in some over reactive person to give a presentation to the workers on why unions are bad. When the show began to tackle ethnic stereotypes, two workers were forced to speak “more authentic” and wear sombreros (despite the fact that one is filipino and one is latina and neither have an accent) in order to sell the store’s new salsa brand. When the salsa begins flying off the shelves, it becomes apparent how much people will give in to the racist stereotypes. While the topics of the show consistently keep viewers interested, the best part of the show is unarguably the incredibly diverse cast. While workers at the store come from hispanic, filipino, middle eastern, and many other backgrounds, they all work together and get along. The cast seems to pose the question “If we can get along, why can’t the rest of America?”

Available to watch on Hulu, NBC (streaming)

“This Is Us” 

NBC hosts this drama series currently in its fifth and possibly final season. Just because writer Dan Fogelman wants to wrap up the show this season is no reason to doubt the show’s greatness. The story follows the hardships of the Pearson family as they navigate the difficulties of life. Flashbacks and flash-forwards contribute to the shocking storyline. When you least expect it, a new flashback or flash-forward proves your assumptions wrong. Every few episodes, a new character is introduced and is slowly intertwined into the lives of the Pearsons. It truly is a brilliant, well written and developed show. However, this series is one big spoiler alert, so I can’t speak too much to the story line. What I can say is no matter who you are, you will be able to relate to this family and fall in love with the actors. There are those who are struggling with various forms of mental illness, medical conditions, relationships and many other important issues that should be discussed more in television. Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley and Chrissy Metz are just some of the outstanding actors that bring this incredible story to life. Of them all, Mandy Moore proves to be the most timeless actor, literally. Moore plays her character, Rebecca, at various ages; beginning in Rebecca’s twenties up until her sixties and seventies. The dimension and development Moore brings to Rebecca is beautiful, raw and flawless. 

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“Schitt’s Creek”

This comedy which recently premiered it’s final season on Pop TV will have you both laughing and crying. The lovable characters that make up this show prove that no matter what events in life come your way, there is always a reason for it and you will be okay. Father and son creators Eugene and Daniel Levy play Johnny Rose and David Rose who are also father and son in the show. This relationship shines in this series and helps to build the family dynamic. “Schitt’s Creek” begins as government authorities take almost everything from the extremely rich and highly eccentric Rose family. The one thing they still own is a little town called Schitt’s Creek, which they had purchased as a joke years before. When the Rose family moves into the town they quickly learn that not everyone lives a life of luxury as they once did. Throughout the series the Roses learn to love those around them no matter who they are. The relationships these characters form throughout the show are so strong, you will want to move to Schitt’s Creek. The ending of the series is surely bittersweet; while I am happy for the Roses, I will definitely miss their crazy antics and estranged neighbors. 

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This ABC show effectively uses comedy to create an enjoyable show while discussing the lives and experiences of being a Black person in America. So much can be learned from this award winning sitcom, from the mini history lessons in some episodes to Dre’s (Anthony Anderson) racist and sexist coworkers. “Blackish” follows the life of the Johnsons, a Black family living in Sherman Oaks, California, as they navigate the trials and tribulations of overcoming racism, sexism and growing up in modern day America. Some of my favorite scenes include those in Dre’s workplace. As the Vice President of the Urban Division at Stevens & Lido marketing firm, Dre spends most of his time in meetings with his racist and sexist boss. The comical remarks that are made in these scenes show the hardships Dre as a Black man and his coworker Lucy (Catherine Reitman) as the only woman at the firm must face. Throughout the show’s seven seasons, many famous Black actors have guest starred in addition to its already star studded cast. From Raven Simone as Dre’s sister to Spike Lee as himself and Aloe Blacc as himself, it is always an exciting and comical experience one of the outstanding guest stars joins in for an episode.

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By the numbers, network television is dying. However, I refuse to believe it. More meaningful and important television shows are currently dominating the networks and it would be foolish to deny it. At the most recent Emmys, “Schitt’s Creek” took home every award in the comedy category! In my opinion, this is just the beginning of the most powerful and thought provoking era of network television.