EDITORIAL: Acknowledge the present, appreciate the past


Lindsey Rodman

In these unprecedented times it is important to remember better times and focus on the positives.

Dear Algonquin, 

At the start of school, no one expected the year to end this way. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, seniors lost graduation, juniors lost prom, athletes lost seasons and musicians lost concerts. Stuck at home, we were stripped of the chance to form closure with our teachers and fellow peers. Adjusting to quarantine has been difficult, to say the least. However, we can use this unexpected free time to appreciate the smaller things around us we may have taken for granted before and reflect back on the good memories from the year. 

One great way to be in the moment during these hectic times is appreciating nature. Although the list of negatives COVID-19 has brought upon us is enumerable, one good thing has come out of it: Nature is thriving. Spending time outside, exploring a trail or going on hikes are great ways to experience this. Going outside can help you refocus yourself and boost your energy. 

In addition to spending more time outside, this pandemic is a great time to appreciate the people in our everyday lives. While quarantining, we are forced to spend time with our families. We should take advantage of this and appreciate the people that were there for us amidst the bustle of life before the quarantine. You may be surprised by the fact that even the smallest of things in and around your house can hold a lot of beauty, and all this time off gives you a chance to capture them. 

But while appreciating the things around you and being present with all this ample time is important, it is also necessary to reflect on the positives throughout the year, especially since we left school without any real closure. This year has been significant in laying a stronger focus on mental health with the introduction of the Say Something App, mindful moments and a therapy dog in school. It was also a memorable school year in terms of athletics. In the fall, boys’ cross country won the district title for the first time in history, girls’ soccer won the CMASS Division I title and the football team won the Thanksgiving Day game for the first time since 2016. Additionally, during the winter season, gymnastics placed first at sectionals and the girls’ indoor track and field team came in first at districts. And despite many important events being canceled, there were many that brought the school together earlier in the year. Starting with Freshman Orientation, then the pep rally, dances, the Mamma Mia and The Laramie Project productions and club competitions.

While we have had an unforgettable year, looking towards the future, circumstances are unknown. We can overcome this uncertainty by focusing on what we can control. With all that is going on in the world right now as the Black Lives Matter movement heightens, there is no better time to dedicate yourself to a cause, educate yourself and make a change. As a community, we need to come together, be there for each other and look out for one another, however that may look. In this way, we can use this time to create change and better our community to become more inclusive and accepting. 

Farewell school year 2019-2020. Thanks for the memories.


The Harbinger Editorial Board