Trailing Out of Boredom: A casual walk at Carney Park


Jenny Lambert

My dog, a Vizsla-Weimaraner mix named Casco sits slightly off the trail as he waits to run free in the open field at Carney Park in Northborough.

Jenny Lambert, Sports Editor

Social distancing. A phrase that many of us have been frequently using since the COVID-19 outbreak began impacting us a few weeks ago. Social distancing is the practice of limiting our social activity to reduce the spread of the virus. As we follow the government’s guidelines to practice social distancing, I’m sure many of us find ourselves struggling with boredom. However, assistant online editor Elena Neilson and I are here to keep you all sane from the lack of social interaction and also help you stay active by telling you about our favorite local trails. We hope to make this strange and overwhelming time a little more enjoyable by providing you with opportunities to spend more time outside.

RATINGS by Jennifer Lambert

The first trail I visited was Carney Park at 386 W Main St, Northborough, MA 01532 on Tuesday, March 24 with my mom and my dog, a Vizsla-Weimaraner mix named Casco. Although it was a snowy and muddy day, it was enjoyable. Carney Park is certainly a place to bring your dog if you have one. I’ve been going there ever since Casco was a puppy and many other local families bring their dogs as well. Every time I go, there are so many dogs playing and running through the large open fields. There is also plenty of room for people, of course, to keep their distance from each other during a time like this.

I will say as a disclaimer that if you are not a dog person this trail probably isn’t the place for you. Many dogs run off-leash and you should probably be comfortable around dogs if you plan to visit here.

However, even if you don’t have a dog, the family-friendly trail is perfect for a casual walk or run. Overall, it is generally flat; it would be an easier effort for a casual run than other local trails. 

On Tuesday, my mom and I just walked as Casco got plenty of exercise running circles around us. Parking is right by the trailhead and the trail is clearly marked. It begins with a short downhill walk in the woods, then transitions into a long grass hill which crosses over a dam in a stream. 

Then, after another short walk through a trail in the woods, you’ll find yourself in a large open field, where you can walk as many laps as you’d like around the perimeter. There’s another grass hill and woodsy trail you can walk through after the field, but my family and I usually turn around after walking several laps around the field.

In the field, there is a clean stream where dogs often drink the water and sometimes swim in on hot summer days.

My experiences at Carney Park are always super fun and relaxing. I’ve had some of the best conversations with my family on our long walks there and the second we mention “the park” to my dog, he instantly jumps up and starts wagging his tail as he waits to jump in the car.

Overall, I definitely recommend visiting Carney Park during this time off from school. I assure you it will boost your mood and you’ll get a little exercise for the day.