Yes. Offers unique chances.

Aaliyah Yan, Opinion Editor

One of the main reasons for Tik Tok’s popularity is its likable algorithm. Unlike other social media apps such as Instagram or YouTube, whose algorithms make it hard to become famous, on Tik Tok, it is possible for anyone to go viral as long as people continue liking and sharing the video you made. However, it is similar to Instagram and YouTube due to the fact that popular creators can get sponsorships and money by going live and creating sponsored videos. It can create an interactive environment between the creator and the audience since the audience can use real money to buy digital coins on Tik Tok to give to their favorite creator during a live.

 Another appealing aspect of Tik Tok is the way it unifies people as they recreate the same dances or trends. It also unifies people from around the world due to its large global reach, so you can watch people from Australia or China do the same trends as you. With the majority of its creators being teenagers, much of the content is relatable to the mostly teen audience. If you are struggling with a certain subject at school, it helps to know that many people out there are facing the same problem by making the most of it and posting a video making fun of the situation.

 Tik Tok also gives a unique platform for aspiring artists. On more than one occasion, a dance with a song by a small artist goes viral therefore prompting users to use the artist’s music and checking out their other songs. Singers can also post videos of them singing to get buzz generated about themselves in a quick and easy way. It can help you expand your music taste because you are exposed to new and different sounds every time you open the app. It is extremely likely that the songs will get stuck in your head, and you will be humming it for the rest of the day. The dance that become popular on the app will have you dancing them throughout the day. Through its large and global reputation, Tik Tok has successfully become one of the most popular apps among teenagers today.