No. Time is tiking away

Cristina Stassis, Opinion Editor

Tik Tok has become more and more widespread around the world and now it seems like every teen wants to be a part of it. The problem with that is how it can draw your focus from other more important things that need your time and attention, like homework and studying. It is too easy to get drawn in after only being on the app for a few minutes because it is designed to keep you hooked from the second you open it. 

This is done through the app seeing the type of videos you like when you are online and then catering the same type to be on your Foryou page. Saying you will only spend one minute online can quickly turn into one hour or possibly more. The more time you spend on it, the more likely you are to post yourself. 

Since it is so easy to get on the Foryou page, it’ll seem like you have gone viral. But with fame comes responsibility. You’ll possibly gain more followers every time you get on the For You page, so you will feel the need to post often to give your followers new and improved content every so often, which will take up even more of your time. 

Also because anyone can see what you post, you can become subject to public scrutiny. This can foster a toxic environment where people constantly tear someone down by commenting hurtful things on the videos they post. The comment sections, like other social media, give cyberbullying an unwanted platform in the app. It can cause anyone being attacked stress and anxiety over someone they don’t even though in real life and whose opinion about them does not matter.

 The one aspect of Tik Tok that many parents are worried about would be what type of videos their children are watching. Younger users have to risk being exposed to topics and videos they are not ready to know about or see. They could see posts that involve swears, sex, drugs, and other inappropriate material. Tik Tok taking over has too many problems that should not be overlooked by anyone participating in this app.