Navy SEAL gives insight to make differences in life

Haley Michel, Staff Writer

Do you make your bed every morning? Adm. William H. McRaven has been making his every day of his life since he set foot in Navy SEAL training. He believes starting your day with a task completed sets you up for success that day, slowly changing your life for the better. 

If you’re looking for small ways to make a big impact on your life, “Make Your Bed” is an engaging, insightful read that is sure to help.

McRaven learned many incredibly valuable life lessons at Navy SEAL training. Though one might not expect these lessons to be useful in the life of someone outside the Navy, McRaven connects each lesson to his everyday life and explains how readers can use these experiences, such as the time he was in a parachuting accident, to improve their character by being more daring, cooperative, compassionate, and brave.

McRaven focuses on the 10 most important lessons he learned, which are organized into 10 chapters. Each chapter starts with, “If you want to change your life, and maybe even the world, start by….”. He then tells the story of his experience at training, followed by a connection to life outside of the military. His tone is no-nonsense, as would be expected by a high-ranking military official, but still manages to be engaging due to the unique nature of the stories he shares.

In his easy-to-read, inspiring nonfiction book that ties together elements of an advice book with elements of a memoir, McRaven leaves you feeling humbled and ready to work to become a better person.