REVIEW: ‘Fortnite’ blows up, provides fun gaming experience

Staff writer Jack Golden reviews the new video game sensation,

Staff writer Jack Golden reviews the new video game sensation, "Fortnite".

Courtesy Epic Games

Courtesy Epic Games

Staff writer Jack Golden reviews the new video game sensation, "Fortnite".

Jack Golden, Staff Writer

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Starting from nothing then becoming one of the biggest video games in the world in the matter of a few months, “Fortnite” takes big steps in growing the battle royale genre.

The creator of “Fortnite” and many other big titles is Epic Games. This company has created other games including the “Gears of War” franchise and the “Infinity Blade” franchise.

“Fortnite” is a massive multiplayer game that features two game modes. In the first game mode you can collect resources and use them to build structures and traps to protect the objectives from zombie-like creatures. All the while you collect weapons and level up your hero character. The other game mode is called “Battle Royale”. This  more popular mode features a group of 100 people skydiving on to an island. The point of the game is to run around, collect weapons and materials, and survive until you’re the last one standing.

Although “Fortnite,” released July 25, 2017, is really popular, some argue that Epic copied “PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds,” otherwise known as “PUBG,” released in December 2017 with their Battle Royale game mode. These games are very similar in some aspects, but there are still some major differences in gameplay and graphics.

For example, Fortnite allows you to collects materials such as wood, bricks, and steel. You can use these materials to build forts and cover to hide from enemies. “PUBG” also allows players to drive vehicles, which is not offered in “Fortnite”.

“Fortnite” is very fluid. The character movement and controls are smooth, as well as the aiming and cross hairs. The graphics are a mix of classic platformer which usually offer a colorful cartoony look, however it still looks great. “PUBG” has more realistic graphics and controls.

The sounds in “Fortnite” contribute a lot to the game. From each gun making a different sound to the sound of your feet running through grass, the game really comes to life and these sounds can help players figure out what’s going on. For example, one player might be hiding in a house and hear footsteps below them so they can tell they aren’t alone.

My friend gave me a heads-up and told me to download it a few weeks before it went viral. Like many others, I’ve been hooked since I started playing. It’s exciting, entertaining and well worth the cost.

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REVIEW: ‘Fortnite’ blows up, provides fun gaming experience