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New alarm system continues to irk students

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Dear Editor,
I recently read Cassidy Wang’s article, “Meant to increase safety, new alarms frustrate”  in the newest 2016 edition of the Harbinger, and I strongly agree with what Cassidy said.  It was relatable when she talked about the alarms causing teachers, coaches, and athletes to become annoyed.  The noise is absurdly loud, and is not necessary to be screeching in our ears every single time someone opens the door in the locker room.  I think these alarms are not useful for many purposes.
These alarms are here to improve our school’s safety, according to school’s facilities director, Mike Gorman.  These alarms are just a waste of money.  They constantly go off from sports going outside to practice in the fall, spring, and winter.  Because of them going off constantly, there is no way to tell if a predator is really entering the building, which is the main purpose of these alarms.
I think there are various solutions to this unnecessary alarm system.  First, just totally get rid of them.  If they aren’t doing anything except annoying the public with the screeching noise, take them out.  Another option would be to make them turn on at a specific time.  I think that after school the alarms should be turned off, and during school they should be turned on.  I don’t understand why it goes off when we are exiting the school, that has no purpose.  The school should know by now that we have sports outside we attend. I think instead of these alarms we should have an I.D. code that we would have to type in, so the teachers would know it was a student trying to enter.
I respect Cassidy for writing this article because I know this is a problem for me and many others.
Emma Luiso
Class of 2019
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The official student news site of Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough, MA
New alarm system continues to irk students