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Allergies need to be taken seriously

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It has come to my attention that at Algonquin, a certain issue is being marginalized. My sister has a severe allergy; she could die if exposed to it. 63 to 99 people die every year in the U.S. because of anaphylaxis. You may wonder why I didn’t mention what that allergy is, and this brings me to my main point: I’m afraid for her sake here at Algonquin. Recently, I overheard chatter about how “It would be the perfect crime,” to kill somebody with a deadly allergy. With an attitude like that around, giving information away about my sister runs the risk of her being attacked by someone with a vendetta. This kind of talk, even in jest, callously downplays the seriousness of the condition. I’m sure that almost everyone reading this at least knows someone with a serious medical issue, so how would you interpret a comment like: “Wouldn’t it be great to induce an epileptic fit in someone?” or “Let’s give X a migraine! It’ll be funny!” It’s like mocking someone with cancer, or epilepsy; you just don’t do it.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that some of you readers are laughing at this piece, and/or the phrase “lighten up, it’s just a joke” is at the front of your minds. This is especially true at a time when “political correctness” is being mercilessly railed against. At what point though, does a crass “joke” simply become an insensitive statement? At what point does “political correctness” just become common decency? The real world isn’t Cards Against Humanity, people. There is a time and a place for such humor where it is guaranteed not to be taken seriously, and the classroom just isn’t that time or place. Some things just shouldn’t be swept under the rug as mere “jokes,” especially something as deadly as this.


Alexander Deans-Rowe

Class of 2017

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Allergies need to be taken seriously