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Hand sanitizer helps health

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The moment you walk into class and place your binder on your desk, millions of germs are spread. A way to get rid of them? Any anti bacterial wash or sanitizer. Recently, our one way of getting rid of the gross bacteria that accompanies us in this school was banned from being put into classrooms. Why? No one really knows for sure. Sometimes the question is answered with “it kills the good germs,” or, “it’s poisonous if consumed.” Yes, hand sanitizer is poisonous if consumed, but I am fairly confident, no high school student is going around drinking and consuming it. Being a high school student, missing one day of class because of being sick equals missing an entire week. One way that cold or stomach bug could be prevented? Hand sanitizer.

Yes, people shouldn’t mistake hand sanitizer with soap, and shouldn’t just rely on the soap to clean their hands. But when there’s no bathroom available, or if you touch something that’s infected with germs, hand sanitizer is the quickest and easiest way to help in a quick situation. At lunch before and after you eat, in the classroom after you accidentally come in contact with someone sick, or if you just want to take precaution during the stressful school year.

Of course, washing your hands is the most effective way of making sure your hands are clean, but when there’s no soap and water accessible, hand sanitizer is better than nothing. A substance that kills many microorganisms is, of course, better than no attempt to clean your hands at all.


Jenna Jessup

Class of 2017

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Hand sanitizer helps health