A letter to the President-elect

Elissa Gorman, Assistant News Editor

Dear Mr. Trump,

The reality of the situation is you are our next president.  I hope you understand the importance this role carries.  This is more than what tax system you implement; this is what the character of the nation will embody going forward.

How will members of the LGBT+ community be treated?  You have had a history of making comments about not feeling “right” regarding gay marriage.  It is not your right to prevent people from loving, nor does the sexual orientation of others affect you on a personal level.  The relationship two people share is not your choice, and you have to respect that.  Your running mate, Mike Pence, has appeared to support “conversion therapy,” which, I would hope you realize, causes patients to be more than eight times as likely to commit suicide according to the Human Rights Campaign.  Whatever you believe in, people’s well-being and living conditions should be a primary concern.

How will immigrants be treated?  In your plans to build a wall and deport illegal immigrants, you not only destroy families and foreign relations, but you send the message that America will not accept those different from the stereotypical white ‘American’.  However, a person’s racial background does not make him or her any less ‘American’; Mexican, Latino, and African American citizens are just as part of America as you are.  Immigrants have been an important part in shaping our diverse culture, but your ideas seem to exclude a body of society that has played a key role in the growth of our country.

How will women be treated?  As a woman growing up in America, I have always felt proud to be a part of a culture where I am allowed to pursue my own dreams and passions.  I fear that may be compromised by your presidency.  The attitude you have displayed towards women, and furthermore, the lack of remorse you have shown for your use of insulting language, proves that you have little to no understanding of the issues we face.  Rape culture is real, and in brushing off all of the criticism and accusations in response to your derogatory comments, you are reinforcing the message that the voice of a white male takes priority over that of any woman.

As head of the country, you have a responsibility to serve as a role model.  What becomes acceptable in society ultimately depends on the example you set.  In making disrespectful comments, you are endorsing and in fact shaping a hateful society that allows the belittling and harassment of others.

You have to give respect to get respect. I may have to respect the system and accept you as president, but by no means do I have to accept your racist, homophobic, and misogynistic beliefs as part of the world I live in.  You will not have earned my respect until you display genuine empathy and recognition for a greater portion of America than the white male population.


Concerned American