Trump reveals societal issues, lack of morals

Graphic Rachel Shek

Darby Kim, Assistant Sports Editor

This upcoming election has jeopardized our country’s beliefs and morals. The way Trump attacks, insults, and bashes other candidates represents what our modern society has become.

In the past, if so much as a small insult from a candidate was made to another, the whole media would be buzzing. For instance, in the 1988 United States Vice Presidential debate, candidate Senator Lloyd Bentsen said to Senator Dan Quayle, “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.” This was sparked by Quayle’s comments in his stump speech, a short standardized speech repeated to each audience before opening to questions, comparing himself to John F. Kennedy, the 35th president.

However, in this election, we expect the candidates to throw vulgar comments and insults at one another at every debate and public appearance.

What does this say about our society? That Trump is one of the head runners to be our next president reveals a deep truth of our society that nobody wants to accept.

The character of the leader of our country should represent what our people and society stand for, and quite frankly, Trump’s behavior has come to represent all of our country’s issues.

I am not saying that everyone is vulgar and rude, but I have noticed how obscene jokes have started to become more accepted in our society.

It seems as if the younger generation has become more involved with the upcoming election through social media. Part of why Trump feels as though it is okay to blurt out rude comments is because he receives so much attention for saying them on social media.

Also, many of the racist comments he makes, such as stating that we should build a wall on America’s southern border to keep out immigrants, and make Mexico pay for it, illustrate the ever-prevalent issue of racism in our society. While our country has become more accepting towards immigrants and people of different races, it is still a major issue.

Now, these issues are becoming more popular through jokes. Some people do not think of them as serious, but to others it is still extremely offensive. Although people do not like to admit it, racism still exists in our society.

Not only is racism demonstrated by our leaders, but sexism is as well. Degrading women in our society has become acceptable. For example, Trump’s “locker room talk” with Billy Bush was out of line and insulting to women. Trump is trying to say that this type of “talking” is common among the average man, making it more acceptable.

I find it horrifying that “locker room talk” is prevalent in our society. Although it is terrible a possible future president said this, we cannot only blame him. The fact that he was able to say all of this supported by another male, shows that in our society, we cannot deny that some males do this. Obviously not all do, but just knowing there is anybody talking about women like this is horrifying to think about.

It is concerning how Billy Bush got fired from his job, but Trump is still considered as a candidate. Our society is allowing this to happen, and nothing is being put to action to knock Trump down.

This election has transformed into a vote of which candidate would be a better “role model” rather than focusing on their ability to lead our country. In the past, our leader’s character representation was never an issue, but now we focus heavily on this when debating on who to support.

How did our society get to this point? We think we are improving and advancing, but then why does it feel like we are only moving backwards?

Trump reflects towards our society showing how unstable and immoral our country and society has become. We say we are about freedom, acceptance, morality, and human rights, but then how come our leaders do not represent these ideals?

We need to take in consideration what kind of person we want representing our country, and what kind of people in society we want to be.