The Ceilings: alt-rock group gains traction


Courtesy Maggie Del Re

Sophomores Maggie Del Re, Adam Hamling,and Jason Goguen are bandmates under the name The Ceilings. 'Kathie' is one of their albums listeners can hear on ReverbNation.

Paige Morse, A&E Editor

What genres of music do you like to play?
Maggie Del Re: “Rock.”
Adam Hamling: “Some alternative too.”

How often do you rehearse and where do you rehearse?
Hamling: “We rehearse in Jason’s garage, usually a few times a week most of the time for an hour or two.”
Del Re: “It depends on what we have coming up, like this week we are practicing every day because we are playing Applefest on Saturday so we are kind of cramming.”

What nicknames do you have for each other?
Del Re: “[We call Jason] JJ Go Get ‘Em.”
Jason Goguen: “[We call Adam] Justaddham, and [we call Maggie] Margatron.”

What’s one thing most people wouldn’t know about your band?
Goguen: “We have gone through a lot of singers. Us three have always been together.”
Del Re: “Singers don’t like us.”

Are there any bands you look up to?
Del Re: “Brand New.”
Hamling: “I like Blink-182.”


Check out The Ceilings here.