Teamwork rallies boys’ tennis to district final, freshmen take state doubles title


Henna Dhingra

Freshman Chris Wang and Sophomore Will Koziel compete in a doubles match against Westborough on May 4.

Clarissa Wong, Copy Editor

The boy’s tennis team has completed yet another successful season, maintaining a 17-2 record and earning second place in the Central Massachusetts district finals against Westborough on June 9 and a State Doubles Tennis Championship.

Sophomore and second singles player Tyler Zhang believes that the boys’ tennis team has seen much improvement compared to last year.

“During the off season, a bunch of our veteran players improved and there was the addition of many outstanding freshman, which has helped to build the team we have now,” Zhang said. “This year’s overall performance is better than last year due to our 5-0 victory over St. John’s, who we haven’t beaten in a long time.”

“I would say our team’s performance has improved thanks to a lot of the new freshmen and sophomores who often secure that winning point for our close matches,” junior and first singles player Ian Kim said.

Coach Gerald Cushing believes that the talent and dedication among the players has catapulted the team to success.

“Their abilities have really led them to their success,” Cushing said. “They’re real good players, and a lot of them play year-round. They’re a pretty dedicated group of guys, and when they play, they’re committed to playing their best,” Cushing said.

The tennis team has had many triumphs this season.

“We had a 15-2 record during the regular season and are now in the Central Mass finals against Westborough,” Zhang said. “Also, our first doubles team [Riyan Farhat and Christian Jorgensen] won the Central Mass doubles tournament.”

Freshmen Farhat and Jorgensen went on to win the Division 1 State Doubles Championship on Saturday, June 18.

“We were all pretty excited that our [doubles] team could bring home first place against Westborough,” Kim said.

The strong relationships between the teammates have also contributed to success on the court.

“The Algonquin boys’ tennis team has always had a strong team bond,” Zhang said. “Especially this year, everyone has contributed to the team’s success on and off the court.”

“Our team as a whole has gotten us through some tough matches,” Kim said, “but what makes us strong is our diversity. There are some [players] who boast a quiet confidence on the court, while there are those who enthusiastically cheer on their teammates.”

Kim also appreciates the dedication and perseverance that is a common thread among his teammates.

“At 1:51 everyday, I see starters and bench players practicing hard on the courts, but having a good time altogether,” Kim said. “Each player’s commitment to the game is what makes us successful.”

Although Kim feels that his individual performance has not improved much since his freshman year, he has no regrets when it comes to his decision to continue to play for the tennis team because of the opportunity it gives him to teach others.

“To be honest, I don’t feel like my game has completely improved to that next level of competitive tennis,” Kim said, “But if I ever get to help my teammates learn something new about the game, it makes my three years on this team all the more worth it.”

Overall, the team experience as a whole has been positive.

“The team has fun, and I think they enjoy what they’re doing…they translate [that energy] onto the court, and as a coach, that’s all I can ask for,” Cushing said.