Donald’s intentions trump his delivery

Donald's intentions trump his delivery

Graphic Rachel Sheck

Maggie Del Re, Staff Writer

The dark lord Donald Trump: the Republican candidate for America’s next president. He hates minorities and is funding a program that will give guns to toddlers. His iron wall will tower half way to the moon, featuring laser technology to incinerate any Mexican who gets a little too close.

Just kidding! Even if your political views don’t align with those of Mr. Trump’s, he’s undeniably making this election one for the books. And, honestly, if he were to win, he would not be the worst president in the world (ah, I can already smell liberal blood starting to boil) and he has some good qualities.

Trump speaks his mind. Sure, he may piss people off, but discomfort leads to results. A wishy-washy push-over president won’t get anything done. Trump on the other hand has a gift for getting people riled up.

And despite what you may have heard, Trump doesn’t hate immigrants. However, it is true that Trump wants to pause immigration into the U.S. for one to two years.

This is not because of contempt towards immigrants; it is because he wants to protect Americans from terrorists and similar threats in the best way he knows how.

And the notorious wall; here’s Trump’s plan: Mexico will pay for the wall. In 2012, America sent $417.8 million in aid money to Mexico. In 2013, we sent a whopping $560.6 million. We continue to send millions of dollars each year. This money could be used to cover the cost of construction, without raising taxes.

According to Trump, the wall will benefit Americans by preventing illegal immigration, making drug trades more difficult, preventing Mexican criminals from entering the U.S., and stopping American criminals from fleeing.

Moreover, the wall has potential to help Mexicans! Construction will provide hundreds, maybe thousands, of temporary jobs to those who need them. And, it will encourage Mexicans to enter the country legally, which takes worry over deportation out of the equation for immigrants.

Finally, Trump brings touchy subjects to the limelight.

Honestly, do you think so many people would be talking about subjects such as illegal immigration or ISIS with such passion and precision if it weren’t for Trump? He opens doors for both sides of the argument to speak their mind so Americans can make informed decisions.

I’m not saying that you need to agree with the things Trump says; his ideas are controversial, and his pompous attitude makes him easy to hate. But, next time you’re wondering how it’s possible that Americans are voting for him, try to see things from a new perspective.

He stands up for what he believes in. Although I sometimes find myself hating his ideas, I can’t help but respect his passion towards making this country great again in the best way he knows how.