OPINION: 5 easy steps to strengthen T-hawk Nation

Annie Campbell, Sports Editor

1. Go to the games. Are you bored of spending your Friday nights at home watching Netflix? It is more than likely that one of our amazing sports teams is playing at home and looking for your support.

2. Wear your maroon and gold. I know your black North Face jacket is so warm, but looking into the fan section and seeing a sea of maroon and gold can make a big difference to the players.

3. Actually cheer. T-hawk Nation is known for getting huge crowds at games, but we need to pull everyone together to have the loudest voice possible.

4. Be creative. Although it is great that we have our signature cheers, I think we could do better. Don’t be afraid to start a new tradition because every cheer started with a few kids and a cool idea.

5. Be positive. As much as we like to think that our cheers always psych out the other teams’ players, taunting players often only fuels their will to win. Negative cheers take away from the fact that we had hundreds of the kids at the game showing their support.