Deck the halls: ultimate gift guide this holiday season


Photo JD Hancock

Gifting can be a difficult task; we’re here to help brainstorm some ideas for you.

Paige Morse, A&E Editor

The glowing smile that appears on a loved one’s face when they unwrap a personal gift they love is possibly the most rewarding part of the holidays. However, buying personalized gifts for your friends each holiday season is often a stressful and long process. Follow our foolproof, timely gift ideas for all the types of pals in your circle.

Music Lover

  1. A record player is the perfect gift for music fans. They offer music listeners an incredible sound experience never heard before and give any room a cool vibe. Record players tie the room together and the sound quality far surpasses iPhone quality. Find them at Urban Outfitters or Newbury Comics.
  2. Some cool headphones are every music lover’s dream. If Beats are not in your budget, there are plenty of other great sound-enhancing headphones on the market that are just as effective.


  1. A gift card to a cute store goes a long way for a girl who loves fashion. If your friends are anything like our friends, they will want to pick out their own clothes rather than have you buy them something they don’t like or already have.


  1. A good book always works. But why not kick it up a notch? A minimalist book poster could be further appreciated. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing they are.

Movie Buff

  1. A movie poster is perfect for a movie lover’s room. I have a few in my room that I love: The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Animal House. They are very cheap at Newbury Comics and make for an excellent room decoration.
  2. If they don’t already have it, get a movie fan a Netflix subscription. Netflix is the key to movie nirvana with so many titles available to watch in seconds. This is a perfect gift for anyone with a pulse.

Sports Fan

  1. Patriots gear is perfect for the ultimate New England Sports fan. Get them apparel and accessories that they can wear to the games to keep them warm. Go Pats!
  2. Specifically, get a Pats fan a Tom Brady winter hat. You know, the one he always wears on the sidelines that everyone wants.