How to spend time in between sport seasons


Left: submitted Pexel; Right: submitted Pixabe

Annie Campbell, Editorial Board

The end of a fall season is always hard because you suddenly never see the team you spent the first two months of the new school year with. As a senior, it is especially difficult to think about how you may never play that sport competitively ever again. As athletes, we move on and start to think about the next season.

But you have a couple weeks before tryouts for the next sport.  And you wonder: what do I do for these next two weeks?  Relax and rest?  Hang out with friends?  Or spend everyday exercising for those sprints at tryouts?  Having experienced these in-between weeks eight times, I have generated a list of suggestions of how to enjoy your next two weeks of free time:

  1.     Get ahead in school.  Do projects in advance instead of procrastinating. Not having to rush to practice like you have had to do everyday for the last two months allows you to stay after with a teacher and get a grasp on concepts you may have been struggling with.
  2.     Hang out with your friends. This is the time to rekindle those friendships with people who weren’t on your team and those that you never got to spend time with.
  3.     Watch Netflix. I am serious! Watching Netflix makes everyone happy, and you deserve a little time to lay in bed and catch up on Orange is the New Black– or maybe you’re really behind and still catching up on Gossip Girl. Either way, Netflix is a great way to lighten your mood, but watch out- sometimes the automatic start of the next episode can be deadly!
  4.     Physically prepare for tryouts.  I am not saying work out every single day for three hours, but try to get outside for a run, hit the gym, or practice with a friend.  You want to enjoy these weeks; but you also don’t want to be the kid that throws up at tryouts, or the one who looks like they haven’t touched a ball or a stick in a year.
  5.     Mentally prepare. The three weeks will eventually come to an end and you will be back into the routine of practice, shower, dinner, and then homework. Prepare yourself to make the most of your limited free time.

Hopefully this list can give you some tips on how to spend your last two weeks of freedom! Enjoy yourself and best of luck at your upcoming tryouts!