New jerseys in Massachusetts

Varsity teams sport new unifroms

Annie Campbell, Sport's Editor

The varsity girls field hockey and soccer teams have revamped their look with new uniforms for the fall season.

These sports are vastly different regarding positions, skills, and equipment.  But this year they share one thing in common: both teams have received new jerseys.

With a new uniform comes a sense of excitement and anticipation; the uniform is one of the first things that another team sees.

“The new uniforms set a tone,” senior Juliet Chapin, a member of the field hockey team, said. “When the other teams see us getting off of the bus or warming up in the uniforms, it gives them a vibe that we are here to compete and win.”

“We are proud of our uniforms and how they are able to be the face of the girls soccer program,” said senior soccer captain Kendall Sweeney.

A new uniform is untouched and unworn. Teammates share the ability to make the name on the jersey known to everyone.

“New uniforms are, in a way, representative of a fresh start.  It’s the start of something new for the team,” Sweeney said.

The fresh start has lead to success with the teams opening their seasons with 4-0 (soccer) and 3-1-1 (field hockey) records.   Both Sweeney and Chapin attribute some of the success to the new look.

“Everyone on the team gains confidence and unity with the new uniforms. When we look like a team, we play like a team,” Chapin said.

“I think the uniforms have definitely boosted our energy out on the field,” Sweeney said. “There is a certain sense of joy that you get when you are proud of the jersey on your back.”