Class of 2023 graduate earns National Merit Scholarship


Submitted Madeline Jiang

Class of 2023 graduate Madeline Jiang won a National Merit Scholarship.

Grace Bouzan, A&E Senior Staff Writer

Class of 2023 graduate Madeline Jiang became a National Merit Scholarship finalist and received the ADP Henry Taub Memorial Scholarship. Jiang plans to use her earnings to further her academic career at Williams College, double majoring in biology and applied math.

Why did you apply for this scholarship?

“I knew about [this scholarship] for a long time. I figured if I put in the work like I did for the PSAT it would take some burden off my parents. It would make college finances a little bit easier.”

What was the process of applying for this scholarship?

“[The scholarship organization lets] you know you’re a semi finalist [after reviewing your PSAT scores]. You have to apply to become a finalist. You have to write an essay and fill out information about your academics…You then fill out information about extracurriculars…It’s similar to how most college applications are.”

Why did you apply for biology?

“I applied for [biology] because I knew I wanted to major in biology or biochemistry in college. I’ve been involved with science for a long time and it is my future career aspirations.” 

What was your first reaction learning you earned this scholarship?

“I was very excited and relieved because it means paying for college will be a little bit easier.”

What are you planning to use the scholarship for?

“I am going to Williams College in the fall and going to pursue my Bachelors degree in biology and applied math. I am going to double major there. The money [I earned] will be going towards paying for college.”