Calcagni retires after a decade of dedication


Riya Mahanta

Special Education aide Cynthia Calcagni retires after 10 years at Algonquin.

Riya Mahanta, Editor-in-Chief

Special Education aide Cynthia Calcagni is retiring after 10 years of supporting students and serving the Algonquin community. 

Calcagni has worked in the Community Access Program (CAP) for ten years, and very recently in TCL1.

“I love CAP because it was always for community access and getting the kids ready for work,” Calcagni said. “My favorite part of the job has been the satisfaction of actually seeing the students learn the job skills at sites we work at that we were teaching them.”

Calcagni loves working with her students to prepare them for the future.

“One of my fondest memories is going to MAPFRE Insurance Company for a job fair for diverse students  for the day with our CAP students,” Calcagni said. “We participated with many other high schools for a day of job coaching, resume writing, job interview coaching and booths were set up with companies interested in hiring our students; it was an amazing day.”

Post-grad Sofia Roumiantsev appreciates Calcagni’s work towards preparing her for life beyond high school. 

“She has helped me tremendously with work and job skills that I will take with me forever,” Roumiantsev said. “For example, I go to the YMCA and she has taught me how to clean properly which was really lovely.”

Special Education teacher Caitlyn Hynes admires Calcagni’s attitude and excitement to come into work. 

“She is a very outgoing, caring teacher to work with,” Hynes said. “She has the best interests of the student at heart and she always has a smile on her face and always comes in a good mood and ready to take on the day and ready to help the students in whatever way possible or that they need.”

According to Roumiantsev, Calcagni is an integral part of the program for 18-22 year old students and will be greatly missed.

“I want people to know that she is an incredible person and always there to help,” Roumiantsev said. “I will miss her fun energy.”

Although Calcagni will miss her time at ARHS, she is excited to spend her retirement with her family.

“I will miss both the students and my co-workers,” Calcagni said. “I am a grandmother now and want to spend more time with my grandchild and also travel with my husband. He is working abroad in the fall and I want to go with him.”