Jones enhances fitness and finance


Photo submitted Cole Jones

With a growing social media presence, senior Cole Jones shares his knowledge of fitness and stocks to the world.

Aiden Johnson, Staff Writer

Senior Cole Jones is an upstart health and wealth influencer who has a passion to inspire others to look and feel the best they can be. 

Jones found success on social media by influencing others to live a healthy lifestyle and invest wisely. He started his investment journey during the pandemic in 2020, as the world was shutting down, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his interests. With no prior knowledge, mentors or help he got to work researching tactics, strategies and investing terms through YouTube and books. 

“I really enjoyed learning everything I could about investing because it just interested me,” Jones said. “It all came together and clicked easily for me.”

During the pandemic, Jones focused more on his health and fell in love with going to the gym. There, he met and networked with people who had similar interests in investing and finance. 

“It was cool to see a community with the same interests as me,” Jones said. “They gave me their knowledge and that was everything.” 

Jones began to market himself through his Instagram @jonesysgym and Tiktok @jonesysgym, posting fitness content, including gym tips and healthy habits. 

“My goal was to inspire kids in my generation to look and feel the best that they can be,” Jones said.

Jones never expected what came next. A Tiktok video he posted, encouraging people to get out of bed and motivate themselves, gained 700 thousand views. This video was later even duetted by actor Will Smith.

“I felt like I was on top of the world,” Jones said. “It was unbelievable to think that I actually had an impact on someone famous.”

Jones sought to further pursue another area of his expertise: finance and investing. Over a five month span, he spent his free time creating his own investment course called “Building Wealth 101 – Finance and Stock investing.” A month after release, his course gained traction with 490 students all over the world. 

“I just want to inspire and teach as many people as possible because just starting is the hardest part,” Jones said. “If you aren’t investing you should start when you’re young to get ahead of the game to build your wealth as soon as possible.”

Jones motivates himself to be successful and thanks his parents for being supportive throughout his whole life.

“Five years from now I just want to be happy and comfortable with my financial position,” Jones said. “I wish to be financially free to be able to travel the world and experience new things, something you can’t get with an ordinary job.”

Senior Cameron Kane, a friend of Jones throughout high school, is inspired by his friend’s accomplishments. 

“Cole is a genuine, honest person,” Kane said. “His mindset is always about learning and finding ways he can benefit himself so he can also benefit others around him.”

Kane has been inspired by Jones’ drive to succeed in things he enjoys. Whether in the gym or out in the world, Jones continues to share his knowledge and capabilities with the people around him.

“Being able to start that business from nothing and have it excel truly inspired me,” Kane said. “Recently Cole also got me into investing, which I feel like a lot of kids should start to learn nowadays. He fills himself with knowledge and always uses that to teach others.”