Senior Reflection: Be bold, be present, be kind, be you

Katie Brown, Contributing Writer

High schoolers LOVE to complain about going to school. They complain about tests, homework, teachers and students. I have watched the senior class do this, I have watched my friends do this and I have done this. However, as high school comes to a close the seniors are having a moment of realization: high school isn’t something to complain about, it is something to appreciate. 

As a senior, I will bestow my wisdom:

1. Expand your horizons

2. Be friendly 

3. Live in the moment

Given the chance, I will never leave my comfort zone. However, I am so thankful that I pushed myself. I joined extracurriculars that scared the crap out of me, but they ended up changing the course of my high school career. Meaningful connections were made through these opportunities. I am not just talking about with students, but with teachers, too. Connecting with teachers is an amazing opportunity and it makes Algonquin feel like a family. Algonquin has something for everyone, so I urge you to try new things. 

My second piece of advice is to talk to everyone! I understand that’s difficult, but it cannot be overlooked. High schoolers are overwhelmed, stressed and busy. A smile or a simple “hello” as you pass someone in the hall can go a long way. There is a group of students that ALWAYS say “Hey, Katie Brown!” as I pass them. Everytime it puts a massive smile on my face. I thank them for being a bright spot in my day. I encourage everyone to take a page out of their book and become a bright spot in someone’s day. 

Finally, enjoy your time here. People get so caught up in the stress of their own lives that they forget to live in the moment. Staying busy is important, but don’t let that distract you from making memories with those around you. Seniors are all going on their separate paths now, but that doesn’t take away from the connections we made here. Go to sporting events, go to musicals, hangout with people from all walks of life. We aren’t going to be together forever. Don’t get caught up in the drama and stress that high school inevitably entails. Appreciate the time you have here; you will never be at this point in your life again. 

Be bold, be present, be kind, be you. At Algonquin you will find your place and your people. Your future holds greatness, but don’t overlook the present.