Top 5 Oreo flavors

Grace Ammon and Aiden Johnson

Do you ever take a bite of a snack that seems to bring you right back to your childhood? Oreo cookies definitely have that magical touch. “Milk’s favorite cookie” is the number one selling cookie in the world, and reminds everyone to keep in touch with their inner child. There have been over 85 Oreo flavors in the brands history, and here are our top five:

#5: Birthday Cake

This flavor is a sweet, yet nostalgic take on the classic Oreo. It brings you back to your childhood birthday memories and indulging in confetti cake at your classmates’ birthday parties. This Oreo is for the person with a sweet tooth, featuring a vanilla cookie with birthday cake flavored creme inside. 

#4: Blackout Cake

Though this flavor is lesser known and limited edition, it stands out as one of the most unique and flavorful Oreos. The filling consists of two chocolate cake flavored cremes sandwiched between two chocolate Oreo cookies, making it the perfect treat for chocolate lovers. You can never have too much chocolate!

#3: Golden 

For those who aren’t huge chocolate fans, have no fear: there is an Oreo for you as well. The Golden Oreo is vanilla’s take on the cookie and makes for a lighter snack at any time of day. With vanilla cream between two vanilla cookies, this variety of Oreo is a go-to for anyone looking for a simple yet delicious flavor. 

#2: S’mores (also known as S’mOreo)

As summer quickly approaches, we all look forward to sitting around the campfire with friends. What do you enjoy at a campfire? S’mores. With graham cracker flavored cookies and marshmallow and chocolate cream filling, the S’mOreo brings summer memories to any setting. 

#1: Original

Simple as it is, the original Oreo is able to be enjoyed in any circumstance. The crunchy chocolate cookie and creamy filling truly complement one another, whether you have it in cookies, brownies, shakes or ice cream. The versatility of the original Oreo is endless and can put a finishing touch of perfection on any desert. 

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